Chongz 7 Part POD Grinder (55mm)

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One of a kind

You have heard about 3-part grinder and even a 5-part grinder, but here comes Chongz with its 7-part grinder that makes every other herb grinder obsolete. 

There is nothing quite like it. 


This unique herb grinder gives you the authority to alter it according to your need. You can reduce it to a perfect 4-part grinder, or even 3-part for comfortable storage or while travelling. With a replaceable set of grinding teeth for fine grinding and a replaceable fine screen, this is a fully customisable grinder.

Sift it away!

The 7-part grinder has a sifting chamber that makes sure only the finest ground herbs make their entry into the final chamber. You can expect a pure, smooth, and even hit from every time you use this masterpiece. 


If you're worried about the grinder being too bulky, the folks at Chongz paid extra attention and care in making it as compressed as possible without compromising on the quality. This epic grinder stands 92mm high, 52mm wide and has a diameter of 50mm when fully constructed. It also features a glass viewing window at the bottom section.

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