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The Ultimate set is packed with the best of RAW Rolling Papers, Pre-rolled Cones, Tray, Rolling Machine, and Tips. It also has a Metal Grinder and Carbon Activated Purize Filters that complete the most ultimate set. 

RAW Mix Tray(Small)

You don't know how important rolling trays are until you use them! RAW Mix Tray design features all of the RAW collection giving it a unique look. Moreover, the metal build makes it immune to bending and warping. With high walls and rounded corners, there is minimum wastage as nothing gets stuck in the pointed corners or spills out of the tray. 

RAW Hemp Plastic Roller

The authentic RAW Hemp Plastic Roller is made from Eco-friendly German Hemp Plastic on the island of Kudus, Indonesia. They are produced by the connoisseurs who have been hand-rolling blunts since centuries. Not everyone is blessed with the talent to roll a perfect bone and that's why plastic rollers are important. Just stash your herbs and paper in the machine, and get perfectly shaped cigarettes without them falling apart in your hands. 

Metal Herb Grinder

Looking to grind your herbs, filter them, and store them? The 4 part metal herb grinder features an integrated pollen catcher that filters unwanted material from the end-grind and conveniently stores a scraper. The filtered herb at the end of the process gives a smooth, and clean smoke. Moreover, the magnet closure gives a tight seal, making sure nothing spills out in the process. 

RAW Organic Pre-rolled cones

Pre-rolled cones remove the hassle of filling the cone, ensuring the right amount of herb has been inserted and rolling them tightly enough to last. RAW Pre-rolled cones are carefully produced with the same unbleached organic paper as RAW Classic Papers without any harmful additives. With their thin and natural texture, they burn extra clean and smooth. Once you smoke a quality cone, there is going back!

Metal Smoking Pipe

Looking for a quick way to smoke your herbs without much hassle and work? Smoking pipes are the way. They are a perfect size, and can easily fit into a purse or bag, or can even be snuck away quickly. Made from high grade, they are highly durable. It is a swift and portable way to smoke strain and herbs anywhere you need it.

Mesh Gauzes

Nobody likes it when a piece of tobacco or ash falls into the mouth while smoking and ruins the entire taste and feel. Mesh Gauzes are used to filter out ashes and embers from interrupting your smoking session. Being corrosion-resistant and durable, you can use them to help your herbs burn more efficiently and evenly. 

RAW Classic King Size Rolling Papers

Experience a RAWthentic smoking session with RAW Classic King Size Rolling Papers. These are produced from the naturally unrefined plant fibres and are finished with a natural tree sap gum line. The King Size is perfect for those looking to indulge in a long, uninterrupted smoking session. Each authentic RAW sheet also contains a proprietary criss-cross imprint for a smooth, even burn.

Organic Hemp RAW King Size Rolling Papers

Curated from unrefined, pure hemp, the RAW hemp papers do not have any added chalk or dyes. It is made using a special pure water method that produces very thin light tan papers that burns slow, clean, and smooth. 

RAW Connoisseur King Size Rolling Papers

Each pack of RAW Connoisseur Kingsize Rolling Paper contains papers along with tips giving a complete smoking kit. Made from unrefined natural fibres, they are suitable is for those who like to have long smoking sessions. 

Raw Tips

RAW Tips papers are marked in such a way that makes it extremely easy to roll. With their strong rigidity and high quality, they maintain their shape even when wet. They are made from naturally unrefined long fibres using an original type Fourdrinier paper machine making them unlike any other tips in the market. 

Carbon Activated Purize Filters

Purize Carbon Roach Filter is made of environmentally friendly raw materials all in the heart of Germany. It is the thinnest carbon filter tips which are designed to give you a better smoke as the highly effective activated charcoal in the filters is organic in origin. It also absorbs harmful substances in the smoke whilst also reducing pollutant intake significantly.

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