Stündenglass Gravity Hookah - Black

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One-of-a-kind Technology

The Stündenglass Glass Gravity Hookah is definitely one of the most innovatively designed and functional gravity hookah/bong. It makes use of a kinetic motion activation with the help of a cascading water displacement. The opposing airflow technology along with the natural push of the gravity really gets the smoke and the aesthetics flowing.

Highest Quality Material

You have heard this everywhere, but it is truly reflected in the Stündenglass Glass Gravity Hookah. It boasts of durable borosilicate glass make along with aircraft-grade anodized, surgical grade stainless steel, and high-quality Teflon seals making it the strongest bong/hookah available in the market.

Exceptional Vapour

It is not just all looks with this beauty!

The Glass Gravity Hookah/Bong is known for its smooth and consistent draws, allowing you to really take on the terpenes and flavours. The vaporous draws are really smooth, and you don't have to drag yourself through the harsh hit. Rather just, sit on your couch and enjoy the monstrous cloud of smoke.

Contactless Smoke Delivery

There is no spit-sharing scenario with the innovative mouthpiece design and smoke path functionality offered by Stündenglass. With the help of the water pressure, the smoke is easily carried through the glass chamber. You don't need an airtight seal with your mouth, and the 45° adjustable mouthpiece does a great job!

What does the box contain?

The Stündenglass Glass Gravity Hookah box contains the following:

1 x Stündenglass Unit

2 x Clear Glass Globes

1 x Male-to-Male Adapter

1 x Hookah Bowl

1 x Hookah Hose

1 x Dry Herb Bowl

1 x Hookah Charcoal Tray

1 x Reusable Travel/Storage Box

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