Puffco Peak Smart Rig Vaporizer - Black


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New-Age Rig Vaporizer
The Puffco Peak Smart Rig Vaporizer is a new digital style smart e-rig. It comes with a Puffco 1 year warranty card and a Puffco kit. The beauty of this vape, amongst others, is that its coil rests on its base so there is no ceramic or metals touching the product, giving a truly radiating heat, allowing the wax to slide into it. Its double bubble water piece has a hole on its base allowing the airflow to enter right from the base.

The Puffco Peak smart e-rig is easy to use and helps the user intuitively decide on the heating level. Its unique heat settings help in fast heat-up time and allow enough battery life for over 30 dabs for you to get the most out of the cannabis concentrates with this smart electronic vaporizer. Let it be THC, CBD, CBG or any other dominant cannabinoid, the Puffco Peak gives the exact hit a user expects, and beyond. This product has the functionality of a smart bong but with the portability of a vape pen. Can it get any better than this? 

Four Heat Settings
With four heat settings, the Puffco Peak uses its LED light band display to let users know which one they’re using.


The Puffco Peak smart dab rig works with pretty much every concentrate imaginable. Its design works with honeycomb wax, shatter, rosin, coldwater crumble, butane hash, moon rocks, budder, live resin and any other cannabis concentrate users can get their hands on.

The product’s impressive piece of technology features an elegant design. It looks like a Swiss mountain peak, so it’s sure to impress friends and in addition to feeling great in the hand.

Fast to Charge and Long-Lasting

The Puffco Peak portable dab rig only takes two hours to reach full charge, so users won’t have to wait around too long to use it if it runs out. Plus, it lasts for approximately 30 dabs, which is around four to six bowls, depending on how tightly you pack it.

Feedback Based

Get your timing right every time with the impressive haptic feedback function. Once the user has reached their desired high, the chamber, housing and glass stem are easy to clean.

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