Dr Dabber Suga Sean Switch Edition Vaporizer


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Dr Dabber Limited Edition, Suga Sean O’Malley

This limited edition Vaporizer package is truly a sensation accessory for you “dabber-sonnoisseurs”. Two leaders in the dabbing industry collaborate to make the very best vaporizer platform! This piece can be used for dry or concentrate and it will shake the earth from the very first drag!

Flower to concentrate, consistent power!
Switch from flower to concentrate in the fastest time thanks to is patent pending induction technology which separates this device from the rest! Allows you to vaporize high grade solvents, with no loss of flavour and quality! Has the power to combust any dry herb making this the perfect all in kit for anyone that fancies a change between the two!

This Dr dabber switch features 25 different temperature settings depending on your preference or the type of concentrate or herb you are smoking it allows the odd casual smoker to the connoisseur to both enjoy using this bad boy! If you think that is not enough it has a self-cleaning mode!

The Dr Dabber switch charges in 60 minutes and gives you a 100 uses meaning you can take it out and about for a week without having to charge it! (Average user). Features a charge through also so you can have the charge plugged in for those heavier sessions!

Easy Cleaning
Simply ass isopropyl alcohol, wipe clean to remove all residues from the inside. Designed with all internal electronic components covers and sealed to ensure none of your bits get to it. Dr dabber give you a 2 year warranty on every switch purchased to give you that piece of mind!

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What you get in the kit.

  • Switch™ Suga Sean Edition
  • Switch™ Ceramic Filter
  • Switch™ Charging Cable and Adapter
  • Switch™ Induction Cup Tweezers
  • Switch™ Leaf Induction Cup
  • Switch™ Concentrate Induction Cup
  • Switch™ Replacement Glass Attachment
  • Pro Loading Tool
  • Switch™ Marble Carb Cap
  • Switch™ Battery Pack
  • Switch™ Carb Cap Silicone Seal
  • Switch™ Glass Attachment Silicone Seal
  • Honeymat Suga Sean Edition

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