The swirl of vapour, the bubbling water, and the lingering flavour - the essence of smoking through a bong is accentuated with a premium quality product. And what's a better purchase than ROOR bongs, the epitome of superior smoking.

ROOR bongs are hand blown water pipes made from Schott Duran Pyrex Tubing clear premium borosilicate glass. They date back to the 1980s when German Glass Blower Martin Birzle introduced a new standard in bongs. If you're looking for an investment in a reliable smoking instrument that will last for years, ROOR is the ideal choice!

Each ROOR product is subjected to careful quality control that allows each bong to have excellent features and separates it from the mass-produced products. The highly skilled glassblower adds a touch that resonates with passion & enthusiasm and is beautifully reflected in the performance. The Rare ROOR bongs are a blend of workmanship and creativity!

ROOR Bongs are lined with superior material, low-volume manufacturing, and sleek lines that add up to their aesthetics. Whether you are looking for beaker bases or straight cylinder bongs, you get them all at Olivastu. The Little Sista beaker bong, Zumo Bong, the classic ash catcher or the supreme dab rig bubbler- you name the accessory and we have it!

The famous ROOR bi-stable joints are designed for 40% more glass for strength and utmost durability. Different thickness, features, and height, each ROOR bong is stamped with its genuine seal that acts as a fingerprint. Scan the alphanumeric ID to ensure you got an authentic deal (we guarantee you always will).

Find a number of high-grade glass items like diffusers, bowls, ash catchers, smoking papers, trays, tips, etc. Find the ROOR logo, its classic signature, and design that compels you to hit the Add to Cart button!

Make a real investment with the lowest price in the market!

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  1. Roor Pocket Friend Glass Bong - 17cm
    Free Delivery in UK
  2. Roor Classic Glass Pipe Bong
    Free Delivery in UK
  3. Roor Inside Standard Glass Bong
    Free Delivery in UK
  4. ROOR Inside Mini 3mm Dab Rig Bubbler 20cm
    Free Delivery in UK
  5. ROOR Inside Mikro 3mm Dab Rig Bubbler
    Free Delivery in UK
  6. ROOR Bong Ash Catcher 3.2mm
    Free Delivery in UK
  7. ROOR Zumo Bong 4.2mm Straight Pyrex Bong 50cm
    Free Delivery in UK
  8. Roor Bongs Ice Master 5mm Straight Pyrex Bong 45cm
    Free Delivery in UK
  9. ROOR Bong 7.0 Straight Pyrex Bong - 35cm
    Free Delivery in UK
  10. Roor Ice Master 7mm Straight Pyrex Bong 45cm
    Free Delivery in UK
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