Keith Haring was the face of American pop in the 1980s when the graffiti subculture was becoming very prominent. The animation is now recognized widely and has crept into the smoking accessories design also, giving a whole new shift to the general bongs, rolling trays, pipes, and other accessories. 

If you are fond of light yet trendy bongs, dab rigs or bubblers, check out the Keith Haring collection. Their clear glass products give a very minimalistic vibe. A slight pop of colour makes it altogether more appealing. If you are unsure about whether you can handle glass tools and accessories or not, let us tell you that all these products are made up of extra sturdy glass material called borosilicate.

You can also find a glass rolling tray that will help you keep all your products in one place. These glass rolling trays are extremely gorgeous and can be used for other purposes too. To keep your stash and other accessories in place, the Keith Haring range of rolling trays comes very handy. You can also get your hands on other smoking tools like spoon pipe, glass taster pipe, glass bubbler, dab rig and many more. All of them are the best-selling products in the entire UK. 

Keith Haring products are very efficient to use. Due to its clear material, its cleaning process is simple and easy. Order it now at Olivastu for great deals and offers. Get it delivered the next day to your doorstep in discreet packaging.

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  1. Keith Haring Glass Rolling Tray
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  2. Keith Haring Glass Taster Pipe
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  3. Keith Haring Glass Spoon Pipe
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  4. Keith Haring Glass Bubbler
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  5. Keith Haring Glass Concentrate Dab Rig
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  6. Keith Haring Glass Water Pipe
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