Chongz Compressed Wood Rolling Tray (36x28cm)

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Sturdy & Durable

The Chongz Rolling Tray is made from high-quality wood that lends it durable and long-lasting qualities to the product. It is designed with precision and care, such that you can use it without worry; bumping and crashing won't wreck or bend it. And they last for a lifetime, so you will never have to look for its replacement. 

Save More

Don't you hate it when your precious herbs get stuck in the nooks and crannies of the tray? Not with this one. The Chongz Wood Rolling Tray is designed with curved corners and high walls to prevent your stash from sneaking out of the tray or get stuck between the corners. Use the last bit with this tray!

Keeping things organized

It's every stoner's dream to have a rolling station with all the accessories organized. Chongz Compressed Wood Rolling Tray makes it easy as it provides a good enough area to keep your rolling accessories in one place. Even if you're smoking a bong, you can place your lighter, hemp wick, grinder, and screens in the rolling tray for easy access. 

Different Styles

Chongz offers two very basic yet good-looking styles for their Compressed Wood tray. The first one is called the Rasta Leaf, which has multiple Chongz logos with the background colours of Taste. There is also a mark of authenticity at the back of the tray depicting a Certified Chongz logo. The second one is known as Rasta Spiral, which showcases a single logo in Rasta coloured placed on a spiral background. 

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