Rolling Trays were invented to make the life of every stoner easier, less messy, and more convenient. When you look at a rolling tray, you don't realise the potential the small rectangle or square-shaped accessory holds. But once you start using it, it's like you've found a long-lost mate that makes every smoking session a hit!

Rolling trays are perfect for those who like to roll their own doobie instead of going the highway of smoking bongs or pipes. There is a peculiar emotion that entails rolling a good ol’ joint and smoking it with your homies. Remember, when you roll, you need the tray. 

Though rolling trays have existed for many centuries, people are yet to realise their true possibilities. From different sizes to various features, these trays are wrecking the market with all the big brands jumping on the waggon. And when you see Chongz and RAW's rolling tray, it is a little difficult to not press the buy button!

Try as much as you can, some of the best rolling trays have the true potential to become your smoking buddy and in no time, you will carry it to your friend's house, for a trip, or even to a part. 

Now that I have sung enough songs of praise for our accessory, let's review the top 25 best rolling trays that have been tried and tested by me.

1. Raw Classic Metal Tray

classic tray

If you're a beginner and are looking for rolling accessories to make your life simpler, you should start with the pioneer of rolling papers and accessories - RAW. 

RAW is a brand that not only resonates with your stoner needs but tries to make them economical and more environmental-friendly. And if you haven't seen the crazy stuff Josh(the owner) does on Instagram, you're missing out on so much. That's how homely and honest the brand is. 

Raw Classic Metal Tray is one of the first & best rolling trays which was- and I quote -perfect. According to Josh, he took the classic CLUB Metal Tray which was a biggie in the 1970s and refined it further to give you a high quality, strong, and robust rolling tray with rounded corners and high wall. 

As Josh said, " I insisted that the tray be made of very high quality and thickness metal with perfectly curved corners. (No creases!) "

2. Chongz Premium Rolling Trays

I know what you're thinking, Chongz are known for their exceptional bongs and glassware accessories. But they still manage the #2 spot when it comes to rolling trays. 

Chongz Rolling trays are made of metal with quirky and fun designs that keep you entertained while you roll a joint. Chongz believes that you can use the rolling tray to simply grind, or break up your buds, or just keep every bong accessory in one place. Their idea of best rolling trays is not limited to "rolling" only which brings new possibilities and ideas into the smoker's mind.

Sure, rolling trays make a great platform to collect all your hemp wicks, grinders, tongs, and every other accessory. However, you can still use Chongz rolling trays to roll a perfect doobie since it has all the features you want to preserve those God sent green friends. It does not bend easily, is pretty strong, and has wide rounded corners which make it easier to scrape the leftover weed. 

3. RAW Bamboo Back Flip Rolling Tray


RAW ups their game by introducing a never-seen-before rolling tray that is just perfect to keep your rolling station as mess-free as possible. It is a beautiful blend of functionality and design, and you can put the whole tray apart and then together with the help of eight super-strong magnets that hold it together. If you're worried the magnets won't be enough, you'd be surprised how well they hold everything.

This Bamboo rolling tray has the potential to become your ultimate travel partner as it has a compartment for all your rolling accessories. Whether you're looking to accommodate a grinder, rolling papers, cones, clipper lighters; the bamboo backflip rolling tray has a space for everything. RAW also bought a limited edition version of this tray which is made with light and dark bamboo to give striped design to it. Perfect for those who like a solid rolling collection!

4. Higher Standards x Jonathan Adler Hashish Valet Tray


What happens when you combine luxury with quality - you get a Higher Standards x Jonathan Adler product. 

For those who don't know, Higher Standards, the brand, and iconic designer, Jonathan Andler, teamed up to launch a new standard of luxury living which included the handcrafted Jonathan Adler X Higher Standards capsule collection. 

The Hashish Valet Tray is perfect for those looking for aesthetic along with functionality. The tray sports a signature platinum leaf design in the middle that is a mix of smooth and blunt textures. The walls slant outwards that stops your stash from sneaking away from the tray. 

The tray also boasts of a wide surface area that allows you to store your smoking accessories without any hassle. Moreover, the high-fired porcelain construction makes it high-heat resistance. This, in turn, allows it to handle smoking tools and accessories.

5. RAW Daze of the Week Tray


RAW doesn't mess around with its product, but when it comes to naming them, it surely makes it worth remembering. RAW ”daze” of the week is among of the best rolling tray that has a clever design that shows you the different joints throughout the week. 

If the design doesn't crack you up, you will definitely love the sturdy build, the curved edges, and the fact that it can be easily stashed in your bag and used when you're smoking on the go. The wide surface area gives you more than enough comfort to roll a big doobie while keeping your rolling accessories in place. 

6. Smoke Arsenal Wubba Lubba Smoking Tray


Smoke Arsenal is a leading B2B retailer in Canada which brings the coolest and dankest accessories to everyone's availability. As for being the best Rolling trays, it prides in the huge collection of Smoking Trays from pop-culture icons like The Simpsons, Family Guy, Rick & Morty, and other popular characters. 

This particular one comes from the famous American series Rick and Morty and cracks me up every time I use it. Mostly because those starkly and stoned red eyes are just too real to handle. 

The rolling trays, apart from their hilarity, are made from metal that is sturdy enough to bear my clumsy hands. The rounded corners and high walls make it well-equipped to catch the unnoticed chunks that are lost in the process. 

7. RAW Glass Rolling Limited Edition Tray


We have seen metal and porcelain, but let's move to a more delicate piece- the glass. 

RAW Metal Rolling Tray features eccentric designs while for the glass rolling tray, a simple RAW logo makes it RAWsome!

Curated from high-quality translucent glass, it emphasises rounded corners which helps to hold your herbs in the desired area. 

Though it is made from glass, the RAW glass rolling tray is lightweight, easy to stash in a bag, and comes in a well-packed box which can be used while travelling. 

If you're clumsy, I would ask you to stay away from this masterpiece, and if you're a canna-suer who loves to widen their collection, get your hands on this beauty!

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8. Higher Standards x Jonathan Adler Smolder Square Tray

You already know the brand name and their luxury and unique products that turn everyone's head. Let's dive straight to the product. 

This particular rolling tray is a 4.5-inch by 4.5-inch square space with sharp cutting-edge and smooth porcelain finish which works well to give you everything you want in a tray. Though square in shape, it has a wide area that can store every smoking accessory with its heat resistant material. 

The square shape can be an inconvenience to some smokers who like a wide rectangle area to roll their joint. In that case, you can get your hands on the rectangle one which features the same design. 

9. RAW Black Metal Rolling Tray


The first thing you notice about this tray is its gorgeous design. It features the iconic red RAW logo atop the black background, which is suggestive of the RAW Black Rolling Paper booklet. The golden accent that shines through the black background makes it the dopest addition to your rolling collection. 

The tray is designed in such a way that the polished gold tones do not scrape away with time and stays as good as new. The durability of RAW trays are well known, and this one comes with rounded corners, high walls, and a comfortably large surface area to give you an easy rolling space. 


10. Smoke Arsenal TrainWreck OG Small Rolling Tray


Coming back to the Smoking Arsenal Collection, here's another one that makes me beam at my collection. 

You get one look at the design and have such a strong craving for Trainwreck or Pineapple Express that you just cannot shake it off. I use this especially while smoking my favourite strain and it just adds up to the entire vibe of getting high and baked. 

The OG Rolling Tray is made for those who are more interested in dope designs rather than sophisticated ones. The best part; the tray employs all the methods to keep your rolling station as mess-free as possible. 

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11. RAW Round Classic Metal Rolling Tray

Round Rolling Tray

We have seen rectangles and squares, now it's time to add the round rolling tray to our collection. RAW added this to their catalogue as the request poured from their fans. And it has been a fan favourite since. And by now, you have already guessed that I am a slightly crazy RAW fan!

The best feature of this tray is the divots on the sides where you can rest your rolled masterpiece. And if you're still doubtful about the correct usage of this dope tray, you should watch Wiz Khalifa video where he takes down two gangsters with only a round tray! I am serious, search for it on YouTube. 

12. Smoke Arsenal Rasta Forever Small Rolling Tray


It's no secret when it comes to loving green leaves as a stoner, this has the potential of becoming the best rolling tray. But between elite and cartoonish designs, there is a thin potential to make a beautiful creation. And this rolling tray captures it perfectly!

When I bought this from Olivastu, I was looking for a tray that was not high-end but yet did not feature anything on the surface. The bright colours with the smoke whirling through the leaves aptly matched what I needed and it has been since a part of the top 10. It has all the quality of a robust tray while the surface does not scrape or scratch.

13. Raw Classic Rolling Tray


We have already seen RAW Classic Metal Rolling Tray, but this takes it a notch higher and makes it even better. The imprint of all the RAW creation of the tray amplifies the excitement when you're rolling a big fat doobie. The curved edges and the high walls are there to protect every single piece of nug so you can efficiently use it to the last bit. 

This finds its place in the top 25 list as it is highly durable, and it will be years before you're looking for its replacement. Choose from the many different sizes and get your perfect match!

14. Chongz Compressed Wood Rolling Tray


Chongz doesn't play around when it comes to quality smoking and rolling accessories. Whether it is their functional and high-quality bongs, grinders, storage boxes, or rolling trays, they maintain their quality with a print of authenticity on their products.

The wooden rolling tray is lightweight, and available in different sizes so you can have your pick. It is crafted with round corners, durability, and a solid design that makes your trippy sesh a killer one! You can choose from Rasta Leaf or Rasta Circle, with each having a blend of Chongz colours. Being one of the best rolling tray, this will become a very important and essential item when you're trying to roll the perfect conical joint.

15. RAW Lap Rolling Tray


The latest one in my collection is the RAW Lap Rolling Tray which comes in the XXL size perfect to a party. The foldable legs and the firm balance makes it ideal for a rolling session. 

Imagine a mini dining table, but you only use it to jam with your homies. I adore the quality as the mini table does not shudder or collapse under pressure. It is a table version of the classic metal tray made from natural hemp. 

And you won't find this anywhere else!

16. Smoke Arsenal Medium Rolling Tray

Don’t you want to swagger around with this tray in your hand? Not only it looks cool and sleek, the premium stainless steel used to manufacture it makes this worth every penny. The surface of the Smoke Arsenal metal rolling tray is non-sticky that will help in keeping all the mess at bay. The edges of the tray are both higher and rounded which keeps your greens in place. Easily one of the best rolling trays around.

Once you get your hands on it, you won't be able to take it off! It’s charming like that.

17. Lemon Tree Metal Rolling Tray

Rolling trays are very important in every stoner's life. They make our life easier and keep our things in place. Lemon Tree Metal Rolling Tray is a crazy one. With its crazy, psychedelic art, this tray may top the best rolling trays list. Look at that catchy design! You won't find it anywhere else. 

Just a single swipe with any piece of cloth and this tray would look as good as new. Don’t let this treasure go. Get it now!

18. RAW Brazilian Girl Small Metal Rolling Tray

RAW is always up with something new and different and this Brazilian Girl Small Metal Rolling Tray is no different. The sleek finishing of the product makes it a work of art. This small rolling tray is ideal for all those stoners, who don’t have many smoking accessories. It easily makes an entry in the best rolling trays list.

You can get the exclusive limited edition of this tray. Blink and you miss!

19. Blazy Susan Stainless Steel Rolling Tray

For all those homies out there who like their music to be jazz, who prefer apple over android, and who loves Coca-Cola over Pepsi, then Blazy Susan Stainless Steel Rolling Tray is your thing. The rose gold and purple colour of the tray not only signifies elegance and sophistication but a distinctive taste.

Measuring 18cm x 23cm, this metal rolling tray is durable and travel-friendly. So go and flaunt it!

20. RAW Black Murder’d Small Metal Rolling Tray

When we talk about the best rolling trays around, RAW will always make an entry. This RAW Black Murder’d Small Metal Rolling Tray is one to look out for. This black beauty should surely be in your collection. The matte finish of this black rolling tray makes it non-sticky and a perfect rolling station for all the stoners. 

21.  Keith Haring Glass Rolling Tray

Even though many judgemental folks out there think that we have no aesthetic sense, the reality is that we are more prone to artistic and creative possessions. This masterpiece is a testament to that. The Keith Haring art on this best rolling tray cannot be missed out. 

This pop art makes this tray stand out. What more do you want? 

22. Smoke Arsenal “Riggity Wrecked” Medium Rolling Tray

It will be a shame not to talk about this bad boy when discussing the list of best rolling trays. Smoke Arsenal’s Riggity Wrecked rolling tray is one for the books. It is made from premium steel and can bear a lot of manhandling. For all the Rick and Morty fans out there, this tray has the awesome graphic art of the same and you would love to add this to your collection. Grab this tray right now!

 23. Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Rolling Tray

This one is different. Can you see the specially designed lip in that corner of the tray? That is what makes this tray on the list of the top 25 best rolling trays. Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Rolling Tray gathers all of the content in the corner of the tray. It makes it super convenient for you to perfectly roll your doobie. 

It is made from 100% hemp which makes it biodegradable and eco-friendly. So, for all the suckers out there, Save Earth!

24. Gelato Metal “Small & Medium” Rolling Tray

Spongebob fan? Yeah me too. Well, who isn't? This Gelato Metal Rolling Tray is pretty solid as it is made from hard metal. So all the roughhousing freaks out there, this one is good for you. This rolling tray is imported straight from the Netherlands and you will be a fan of this. 

You won't get this anywhere else. Grab this best rolling tray now!

25. Best Buds Metal Rolling Tray with Card Grinder

The Best Buds Metal Rolling Tray is super special because they come with card grinders. These trays are making the cut in the list of best rolling trays due to being durable, cheap, and cool-looking. They tick all the checkpoints and stand tall with other trays. Check them out. 

Phew! That was one list. I am a crazy fan who likes to collect smoking accessories and hoard them like it is toilet paper in the middle of a pandemic. Just kidding!

Hope you liked my collection and reviews. For any other queries, the comment box is always open for you.

Till then, keep toking with Olivastu!