If you are an avid smoker, there's no chance that you haven't puffed from RAW®rolling papers or haven't used their rolling trays. RAW®is one of the earliest known smoking accessories brand, and, it has a separate fan base altogether.

RAW's founder and owner, Josh conceived the idea of all-natural rolling papers, free from chemicals and harmful substances. It took years of research and experiments to finally come up with the fine-quality rolling papers that you use today.

Well, since the brand has evolved and catered to millions of stoners worldwide, it has also been prone to counterfeits in the market. Yeah, you heard that right! Selling fake products violates the law and puts the retailer at risk of severe criminal prosecution.

It was in 2017 that RAW made an official statement against the fake products in the market that were manufactured in China and smuggled across different parts of the world. 

These products are much lower in prices, look exactly the same as the original ones (until you look closer), and are extremely poisonous to humans. 

We, at Olivastu online store, have a tremendous range of RAW products, and, it's our responsibility to raise awareness against the fake RAWs available in the market. You are most likely to fall, a victim of counterfeits on DH Gate, eBay, and Amazon, Alibaba, wish.com etc.

If you spot fake RAW products, you can contact the manufacturer HBI which is offering a reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of these counterfeiters.

Rolling a joint and puffing out from it is meant to be relaxing and soothing. Saving a few bucks at the cost of your health is not a good idea! Hence, if you have a stock that you bought recently from one of these websites, here's how you can spot the fake ones. 


How to spot fake RAW rolling papers?

RAW®manufactures classic, black, and original hemp rolling papers, further categorised based on their size and material. 

Although the fake papers mention "Made in Spain" or "Made in France", they are manufactured in China from an inferior quality of shoe tissue paper, with a glue made from poached animals. 

They are labelled organic, natural, made from unrefined hemp, and carry a fake Forestry Stewardship Council stamp, but, are nowhere close to the original ones.

First of all, make sure to buy the products from a verified retailer. We are the registered retailers of RAW products, and, we don't tolerate counterfeits at any cost.

Now if you have recently bought RAW rolling papers, it's time to check if they are real. Now, here's how you do it.

Below-mentioned are a few things that you are most likely to notice on counterfeits:

  • There won't be any starter sheet in the fake rolling paper.
  • Once you open the booklet and observe the description, there will be a missing space between 'a' and 'blend', making it read as "RAW Unrefined rolling papers contain ablend of..."
  • On the top-right corner, you will notice a missing space between 'moisten' and 'gently', making it read as "Natural gum, Please moistengently".

spot fake raw rolling papers

  • Observing the front-view of the booklet, you will see a missing space between 'leaves' and 'per', making it read as "32 LEAVESPER PACK".

spot fake raw papers

  • While observing the papers under sunlight, you'll find bad-quality watermark on it or sometimes even a missing watermark.

watermarked raw rolling paper

  • The fake papers will burn faster with a lot of smoke. 

Apart from this, you can also come across a few other grammatical errors. The original products do not have any such errors, and, if you discover one, that's for sure a counterfeit. 

Hence, do check the product carefully and see if there are any spelling or grammatical errors in the descriptions.

How to spot fake RAW pre-rolled cones?

spot fake pre-rolled cones

RAW pre-rolled cones are perfect for smokers on-the-go, who want an effortless way to fill their joint. However, the markets are full of fake RAW cones, and, here's how to identify them.

Below mentioned are a few differences that you can spot between the duplicates and the real ones:

  • The fake RAW pre-rolled cones come in a packaging that is 2-3 shades darker in colour than the original one. 
  • The quality of cardboard used for packaging is inferior in the fraudulent product. Moreover, it is secured using low-quality tapes! On the contrary, the real product is held together with cardboard folds.
  • The fake cone package will have the 'O' in 'only' in small caps while it reads as 'Only' (with large caps) on its counterpart.
  • The real RAW cone will have the following information on its packet:

"*UNREFINED is a U.S registered trademark of BBK Tobacco & Foods, LLP, Reg. No. 4,078,899

Made in Indonesia with genuine RAW® paper from Alcoy, Spain."

 However, the fake product has the following information on its package:

"RAW® paper made in Alcoy Spain

Coned, tipped, and packaged in Indonesia."

 Apart from the content, there's a notable difference in the font-size and style. 

  • The fake pre-rolled cone uses a plastic push-stick whereas, the original one uses a cardboard-made stick. RAW stopped using plastic sticks back in 2014!
  • Moving on to the weave pattern, you can clearly see RAW® watermark on the original one. The patented weave allows for consistent burn, which is absent in the fake one.
  • The filter tip of the fake pre-rolled cone is a straight line whereas, it is either in a spiral, or 'W' shape in the real one. RAW does use a straight-line style in their regular pre-rolled tips but never on the cones.

How to spot a fake RAW rolling tray?

spot fake raw rolling tray

RAW® manufactures a variety of rolling trays that allows for easier rolling and cone-filling. However, you're most likely to witness fake ones in the market. Here's how you can spot them.

Every RAW® rolling tray comes with an authenticity certificate and a unique QR code assigned to it while manufacturing. 

You need to scan the QR code and register the rolling tray for rawthenticity. It's that simple! Hence, if you got a RAW tray without the certificate, it's fake, and now you know what to do with that seller!

That was all about how to spot fake RAW products and keep yourself safe and away from them. Don't let people play around with your health in exchange of a few bucks. 

Have questions to ask? Drop your comments below and, we would be more than happy to respond.