Merry Christmas you filthy animals and Happy New Year! You must be thinking that another year is going to pass, so what’s new in that? Us. Olivastu will be helping you with a compilation of a great holiday gift guide.

So, don’t even think about skipping this year. Your homies must be expecting so much and we will not be disappointing them. We have made a cool holiday gift guide that your fellow stoners would love. So, stick with Olivastu’s holiday gift guide for the best! 


I’m sure you don’t have any spare accessories to gift your mates. So, don’t be an Uncle Ebenezer Scrooge and double your happiness by sharing this holiday gift buying guide. Don’t think we are leaving you with that only. Olivastu is having a 50% discount on various products. Grab your weed gifts now!

Here are some of the best gifts for smokers out there.

1. Green Apron Terpenes Infused Candles


These vegan-friendly candles are topping the list of the holiday gift guide. You will be delighted to know that terpenes are that element of a cannabis plant that gives out the ecstatic & exhilarating scent.

These handmade Green Apron Terpenes Infused Candles come in four different variants namely, Purple Haze, Blueberry Kush, Gorilla Glue, and Lemon Haze. These candles will make for exceptional gifts for weed smokers. Fun fact: all these candles last up to 12-16 hours. That’s awesome, right? 

2. Chongz 50mm "Dragon Fire" Rasta 4 Part Herb Grinder

Do you know what makes a herb grinder great? Its teeth. A herb grinder’s teeth should be sharp like diamonds and this is what Chongz Dragon Fire offers. It can grind the coarsest of herbs with ease. What makes a gift worthy of gifting in the holiday season? It’s utility and this is what this gift has to offer. To make your life easy and comfortable. 

This herb grinder comes in 4 parts and they are very lightweight which makes them super travel-friendly. What are you waiting for? Grab this perfect new year gift from our holiday gift guide right now. 

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3. Metal Enamel Green Leaf Ashtray


You must be familiar with ashtrays, right? They are generally very generic and banal-looking when it comes to their design. You will be surprised with this Metal Enamel Green Leaf Ashtray in our holiday gift guide. It looks very elegant and has this rustic feel to it. 

This ashtray features three cigarette rests and a wide bowl, which is enough to stash a good amount of ash in it. Not only it is aesthetically pleasing, but this ashtray is also made of durable material. Totally on point gifts for weed smokers.

 4. 88Vape ProPod Vape Kit - Red & Black 

If you love your privacy and like to smoke discreetly, then this 88Vape ProPod Vape Kit is your catch. It surely is an important entry in the list of the best holiday gift guide. It is just 8cm big and you can easily stash it away in any purse or bag. 

This ProPod also saves you from refilling hassle and you will only have to replace the pod, not the coil. Aren't these the perfect gift ideas for smokers?

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5. Orange County CBD Gummy

Are you searching for a holiday gift guide for mom? Then Olivastu’s holiday gift guide has just the right thing for you. The Orange County CBD Gummy is perfect for your mother’s holiday craving. These gummy bears are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and THC-free. 

We offer various flavours including cherry, fruity bears, strawberry, and fruity bottles. Savour these fruity gifts for weed smokers. 

6. Olivastu Gift Card


Christmas and New Year, both are seasons of gifting and you cannot avoid that. Feel generous and get these personalised gifts for smokers buddies. An Olivastu Gift Card will let your buds decide the gift they want. Choose the amount>Fill the details>Add message & delivery date>Pay. That’s it!

Make your homie happy by adding this item from our fabulous holiday gift guide.

7. Boveda 2 Way Humidity Control for Medical Herbs


Confused that the herb that you are going to gift your weedheads this holiday season may spoil before it reaches its destination? Don’t worry. Olivastu’s holiday gift guide has all the necessary gifts for weed smokers out there. Boveda 2 is a magical humidity controller that responds to its ambient surrounding. It can both add and remove humidity from the herb’s environment.  

Magical right? Check this awesome new year gift for yourself. Live a little!

8. Doctor Green's CBD Bath Bomb 100mg

If they have a child like you, your mother will surely be very stressed. Be a good kid and gift your mother with Doctor Green's CBD Bath Bomb. CBD contains relaxing properties that will calm and unwind her stress. So, don’t go looking for any vague holiday gift guide for mom.

It comes with two effects, namely, revitalise and recover. Carefully choose your pick from our latest holiday gift guide and make your mother smile for once! 

9. RAW Reserva Air-tight Wearable Stash

We are not going to leave your dad empty-handed. The RAW Reserva Air-tight Wearable Stashs are great smoker gifts for dad. It helps in keeping your precious doobies intact in an air-tight vessel. This is even more useful if your dad is big on travelling.

It is extremely light and travels friendly and perfect for gifting your near and dear ones. Blink and you miss this beauty. RAW is always up with something. Check them out here.

10. Utest All-in-One 5 Panel Drug Testing Kit

Now, we are gonna talk business. Utest has this All-in-One 5 Panel Drug Testing Kit that detects drug metabolites in urine. It can detect drugs like marijuana, cocaine, meth, opiates, and benzodiazepine. Whether for personal or professional use, this kit is super convenient and discreet. 

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Remember, a friend with weed is a friend indeed, and a friend who shares is a friend who cares. 

Happy Holidays!