Finding the Best E-liquid is a tedious task, especially when the choice ranges from millions of flavours to multiple brands. As the popularity of these discreet devices rises, so does the brands and the devilishly delicious flavours go higher on the number scale. If you look ten years back, we have seen some tremendous growth in vape juices, with more experiment and development being carried on due to the large public demand.

There is no doubt that vaporizers are taking the smoking industry by storm. Whether it is the common e-cigarette or the sub-ohm devices, smokers everywhere are turning to this 'safer' and more flavoursome mode of toking. If things keep going, we are going to have 55 million vape users by 2021! That's an impressive number!

If you're here looking for a new flavour to vape, or just a novice vaper trying to find what the vaping world likes, you're at the right place. We will be discussing the brands and our favourite flavours, but remember, it is highly subjective and it's not necessary that you like what we did. Either way, I will do my best to give you an accurate description so you can make an informed choice. 

Let's get started!

1. 88Vape - Shortfills, 50/50, Vape Juice


88Vape is known for its affordable e-liquids, particularly its £1 Euro vape juices that bought this brand fame and love from vapers all around. Produced in Manchester, 88Vape E-liquids are not just cheap, but also offer supreme quality and a wide range to suit all your vaping needs. These are safe, TDP approved E-liquids and each of their batches is submitted to Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). They also pride in banning harmful ingredients like Diacetyl, Pulegone or Vitamin E Acetate in their vape juices.

If you're a novice vaper, you should try their PG Vape liquid line to replicate the feeling of traditional cigarettes - Mouth to Lung (MTL). For monstrous clouds of vapour, you can make use of VG Juice, as they offer lower nicotine strength. The brand also stocks 50/50 E-liquid for those who like the balanced effect and less intense throat hit. You can also get a wide range of flavours of their short fill e-liquids, which is personally my favourite!

2. Black Note E-liquid

For those who like the authentic taste of tobacco in their e-liquids, Black Note is known as one of the best vape juice brands that is 'realistically tobacco'. The most attractive feature of this vape juice is that it is naturally extracted, which allows it to capture the distinctive character of tobacco in a way that is not seen anywhere. 

The Black Note Vape Juice is extracted from real tobacco leaves which gives it a complex, nuanced flavour that is closer to the authentic flavour of tobacco. It's not known as the World's Best Tobacco E-liquid for just any reason!

Black Note E-liquids are free from chemicals, artificial colours, sweeteners, dyes or other additives. You can choose from 8 different flavours, and they all come in the 50/50 ratio giving it a very fair combination of flavour and vapour. Definitely, on the best e-liquids in the market!

3. Vapouriz

Vapouriz has a large collection of e-liquids, managing to cater to all kinds of vapers out there. They have a collection of Classic and Sub-ohm flavours and even a premium line for those who like a tinge of classiness in their vape juice. Not just an impressive range, their flavours are extraordinary and filled with freshness extending from the usual sweet berry flavours to the dank tobacco ones. 

The best part about Vapouriz E-liquids is that you usually end up finding what you came looking for. They also stock a range of guest liquids in addition to their in-house blend. Whether you're looking for a flavoursome punch or a monstrous chaser, novice to connoisseurs, everyone finds something in this. 

They guarantee their range is made in the UK from pharmaceutical grade nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol. Moreover, the food-grade flavourings are all sourced in the EU and tested to ensure they are safe and deliver accurate taste and hit. 

4. Tasty Fruity

Tasty Fruity E-liquid

All those who love the fruity burst in their e-juices, Assemble!

The Tasty Fruity E-liquid comes all the way from Malaysia to present you with a tantalizing and refreshing flavour that leaves you craving for me. The line offers a splendid choice of flavours ranging from Rasberry, Blackcurrant, Lemon, Cookie Crumble, Citrusy Blast, Bloody Cheesecake, Caramel Macchiato, Guava and much more. Each of its flavours the tasty fruity range contains cooling menthol, ensuring a refreshing twist every time!

The e-liquid bottles are available in 100ml short fill with 70% VG strength, making it optimal for sub-ohm use. It does not contain any nicotine, allowing you to either add two nicotine shots or 18mg salt nicotine shorts to experience the desired nicotine strength. Known as one of the best E-liquid Flavours of the UK, it is time you add this fruity blast to your collection!

5. Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady E-liquid

If the dinner lady cannot impress you, you need to rethink your choice! And I mean it. This home-grown brand is known for its delectable flavours, its astonishing range of products, and its heavy dedication to quality and customer satisfaction rather than cheap e-liquids. The award-winning premium e-liquid brand began its journey in 2016 with its over-the-top lemon tart flavour. Its tantalizing feel and superior quality made it to the list of the best e-liquids in the UK. 

Only the highest quality e-liquid ingredients are employed in the manufacture of these products, and even a single bottle is enough to convince the most ardent vapers into becoming hardcore fans of the Dinner Lady. 

This top-rated E-juice is available in a variety of sizes and formulations, including e-liquid favourites 50:50 10ml, 30:70 10ml, Nicotine Salts 10ml and Shortfill 50ml (shake and vape). E-liquid flavour concentrates are also available! The popularity of their range of Menthol e-liquids has been on the rise since the Menthol tobacco ban. There are also CBD vape e-liquids available in 10ml and 30ml with CBD strengths from 100mg to 1500mg.

6. Apollo E-liquids

You can’t miss Apollo E-liquids when you’re talking about the best E-liquids.

Apollo E-liquids believe that there is much more to vape juice than just satisfying nicotine cravings. Naturally, their motto is enough to capture the attention of the vaping industry. They not only stock a huge number of flavours and e-liquid lines but also give preference to the customer's taste bud before anything else. 

Aiming to make the transition from smoking to vaping as smooth as possible, they have the richest and most delicious vape juices that you can get in the market. Apollo originated in 2010 and has since then assured its customer of its impeccable quality and precision. The e-juices are made in state-of-the-art ISO 8 Certified cleanroom facility in California, whereas the mixologists are not just anyone, but experienced chemists with PhD/BSc Degrees- now that's pretty impressive!

Apollo currently stocks 20 E-liquid lines with more than 800 types of e-liquids, so if you have the most unique choice in the world, you're bound to find your match here. 

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7. Twelve Monkeys


Twelve Monkeys is known for their fruity, sweet vape juice more than anything. They have an impressive collection of vape juice, ranging from Classic, Nic Salts, Ice Age and Origin range. 

If you're a lover of sweet, fruity vape juices like Strawberry, Peaches, Litchi, etc this is the best e-liquid brand to look out for. If you like the cool hit along with a cloudy vapour, go for their Ice versions. There is a collection of Nic Salt for everyone who doesn't want to dwell on the sweeter side of the spectrum. Most of these E-liquids are compatible with vape tanks, both Mouth to Lung(MTL) and sub-ohm. 

8. Ultimate Puff

Are you looking for the ultimate match between quality, money, and teasing flavours that tick all the criteria off your list?

The Ultimate Puff E-liquids are one of the best e-liquid brands, offering top quality taste packed with flavours. Their sweet range is perfect for vapers who enjoy things on the fruity/sweet side of the spectrum with flavours like Apple & Mango, Cherry, Strawberry Laces, and much more. They also stock a  chilled range of e-liquid flavours, that offers the cooling sensation for those looking for a menthol hit. It also offers candy drops selection, puff shakes, and much more to keep the 'fun' back in your vaping experience. It's the best e-liquid in the UK, and it won't disappoint!

9. Double-Drip

Double-Drip E-liquid

If you love the relentlessly delicious flavours when it comes to vape juice, Double Drip is your jam. They have the widest range of collection of the most delicious and mouth-watering flavours that cover everything - your favourite candy, fruit, to your desert. And the best part is that they are fairly affordable so you can easily make your own Double Drip corner. 

You can find these e-liquids in 10ml bottles with nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, 50ml short fills, and nicotine salts with 10mg and 20mg strength. The nic salts have a 50/50 ratio, making it compatible with starter kits and pod devices. Other e-liquids of this range have an 80% VG ratio, making it accurate for sub-ohm devices. 

One of the best e-liquids is their 'coil sauce' range that would make you rip monstrous clouds of vapour while keeping the palette sprinkled with flavour. This UK brand is definitely leading the vape industry forward with its deliciousness.

10. Nasty Juice

A Malaysian brand that has acclaimed fame all over the world, Nasty Juice E-liquid is one the most popular and demanded vape juices in the UK. Known for their quality products, Nasty Juice e-liquids offer a line of e-liquid known to pack a punch for the taste buds. Ranging from fruity and sweet flavours to sour ones, the popular e-liquid brand has positioned itself strategically in the heart of every vaper. 

The Vape Juices are available as 10ml e-liquid bottles with 0mg-18mg nicotine strengths, 10ml nicotine salts with 10mg and 20mg nicotine strength, and 50 ml shortfills. Most of the Nasty Juice range is made with a 65%-70% VG ratio, making them ideal for sub-ohm vaping. The 50/50 series and Salt Nics feature a 50% VG ratio, perfect for starter kits and pod devices.

11. Jam Monster

Jam Monster E-liquid

Honestly speaking, I got attracted to this brand because of its name - it's quite appealing, and as a huge jam lover, I was instantly attracted. But I have not added it to the list because of the name - it stands up to the expectations put forward by the distinctive name.

Hear out the description of their e-juice, and I am pretty sure you would be tempted to try it out, at least once. It's a jam of various flavours with a backdrop of toast and a slight touch of butter. They have managed to capture the true and pretty realistic flavour of jam & toast and integrated it beautifully into the vape juice. They are available in 100ml bottles - with 0,3, or 6 mg/ml nicotine strength, mostly intended for the sub-ohm devices and rebuildables. 

12. KIK E-liquids

Coming to the #8 of our best e-liquid brands are KIK E-liquid. For them, it is all about affordability and treating their customers with utmost exceptional service and product. I came across KIK e-liquids when I was just a novice vaper, and have religiously followed their line of products since. Safe to say, I am a fan. 

It has a wide range of vape juices which can be paired with a sub-ohm tank for a heavy cloud of vapour, or simply with a starter pen. Their 'Liquid Labs' stocks all kinds of liquids - ranging from the tobacco e-liquids to dessert short fills, providing us with huge options to choose from. 

I personally love their cloud short-fill vape juice line, especially their Menthol Sensation & Peach Twist. 

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13. Riot Squad

Riot Squad E-liquid

Taking an uncompromising approach to quality, the Riot Squad e-liquids are formulated in the UK to bring the most authentic and titillating flavour for an immersive vaping experience. One of the best natural e-liquid, the Riot Squad flavours are curated with high purity propylene glycol, naturally derived vegetable glycerine and pharmaceutical grade nicotine. There is always something interesting and intriguing going on at the Riot Squad. Their experimentative attitude and direct action approach make it one of the brands with the most unique flavour blends all around the world. 

The Riot Squad are available in 10ml bottles and 30ml multipacks with a range of nicotine strengths, 50ml shortfills, hybrid nicotine range, Riot Salt available in 10ml bottles in 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg concentrations.

14. Vaporfi


Vaporfi makes it to the list because of their massive collection and 'Make your own juice' initiative that allows vapers to be creative and make a perfect blend according to their taste, vapour expectation, and throat hit. Its massive collection nears somewhere around 30,000 options, so if you're planning to choose from it, make sure you have enough time. It stocks some of the best e-liquid flavours you can find anywhere!

They guarantee that all their e-liquid is free from Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl, and are Kosher Grade and better than food-grade flavouring. Their promise to uphold the quality is evident in each of their products.

15. JAC Vapour

JAC Vapour is a UK-made brand of vape juice that has been catering to the vapers with their devices and e-liquids. They maintain the quality of their juices through various tests carried prior and after the mixing stage to ensure you get nothing but the best in your carts. You can also mix different flavours to create your personal mix of vape juice. 

They have a range called Clear Steam which provides minimal vapour, great for stealth vaping. Their other e-liquids are compatible with both mouths to lung and sub-ohm devices.

16. Vampire Vape

If you’re from the UK, and you know your e-liquids, Vampire Vape should be a common name for you. An English favourite, this vape juice brand is vastly popular for their Heisenberg and Pinkman e-liquids, two of their most popular flavours. Being an award-winning e-liquid brand, their products are nothing short of premium, and everything’s tested to provide maximum safety and delectable flavour simultaneously. 

Coming to flavours, the All Day Grape is something I came across recently and realised why it receives quite the attention. A high PG concentration, it offers the perfect mix of sweet grape notes and refreshing icy bursts while exhaling. A strong contender to become the best vape juice flavour in the UK!

17. Billiards E-liquid




A vape juice made in the UK, Billiards offers a range of e-liquid versions ranging from Icy ones to soda. There's one in each kind, ready to satiate your flavour buds and take your vaping experience to the next level. They come in a 70:30 VG: PG ratio; the perfect blend of vapour and flavour. 

These are offered in various flavours, including Martini Rose Blossom, Banana Shake, Barista Pink Tea, Blue Raspberry Menthol, Hot Chocolate, Vanilla, Mango & Pineapple, and more! Take a walk among bursting flavours and thick clouds of vapour!

18. EDGE Core E-liquids

A home-grown brand, EDGE offers a premium range of e-liquids in multiple flavours that help you tap into the immersive experience. Committed to making the switch from nicotine, EDGE Core E-liquids have some of the most loved flavours, packed in a bottle. The vape juices are offered in different VG: PG ratios, perfect for those who like the vapour to be a bit stronger than the flavour. For those who prefer the flavours, there's an option for you too!

The EDGE Core E-liquids are available in 6mg, 12mg and 18mg nicotine strengths. Known as one of the best vape juice in the UK, it is definitely worth a try!

19. Jack Rabbit E-liquids

A premium brand of E-liquids, the Jack Rabbit is manufactured in the UK and offers a real authentic flavoursome experience. Conceptualized in 2015, the Jack Rabbit flavours are known for their layered experience. Each inhale and exhale bring forward a distinguished flavour. 

These vape juices are curated with low sweeteners to enhance the coil life and offer a balanced flavour. Find them in shortfills and nic salts, in flavours that take your tastebuds to the dreamland. With 50PG/50VG, 10mg/20mg nic strength in 10ml e-liquid, it is an affordable e-juice for an average vaper.

20. Ohm Brew E-liquid

Launched in 2017, the Ohm Brew E-liquid offers a wide range of flavours, including sweet, savoury, menthol, and even tobacco-flavoured ones. Their line of flavours includes Badass Blends, Flavour Lab, Innocent & Guilty, and many more! You can also get your hands on nicotine salts in the same flavour variant. 

The shortfill juices are available in 70% VG mix, which makes them ideal for sub-ohm devices. On the other hand, nic salts are available in a 50:50 ratio, in 3, 6, 12 or 18 mg/ml of nicotine.

This was all about the best e-liquids in the UK. I hope you had enough options to choose from, and if you didn't, feel free to comment below, and I will help you out. 

For more such articles, keep watching this space. Till then, keep toking with Olivastu!