For all doobie-rolling aficionados out there, quality rolling papers are a must-have. Without proper fibre and seal, these papers may create picture-perfect rollies, but they won’t let you experience the natural flavours of your favourite greens. However, when you use RAW’s rolling papers, these are all but fleeting worries you don’t have to stress about. Their globally popular papers let you roll a fat doobie and rip it like it’s meant to be. 

Now that we know how good RAW’s papers are, it’s time to know about rolling them perfectly. In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to roll RAW papers and rolling joints yourself is the next best thing to smoking them. 

The Beauty of Rolling Joints Yourself

A few years back, rolling joints were simply a back-alley activity that were shunned and taboo-ed on the regular. Today, it has become more of an art, an expressive way to showcase a Mary Jane lover’s individuality. Across the cannabis community, an increasing number of smokers are sticking to rolling their own joints, and here’s why. It’s accessible, cheap, and more importantly, maintains the magical herbs’ integrity through and through.

Given how smokers now prefer their own customised joints, rolling accessories have become quite the rage. From rolling trays to papers, there are new variants releasing every other month, and there are lots to try out. Having said that, RAW rolling papers are a must for anyone, be it a novice smoker or a Skunk veteran. 

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RAW rolling papers are 100% organic and eco-friendly, nade from hemp plants and containing natural tree sap gumlines. Each of their rolling papers offer a smooth and well-distributed burn, making for a seamless smoking experience. These premium benchmarks are primarily why the brand has become synonymous with the product itself, and is now a household name when it comes to rolling papers. 

How to Roll RAW Papers - A Complete Guide

RAW rolling papers come in numerous variants, from their evergreen RAW Classic to the funky RAW Black Rolling papers. Depending on the variant you select, you can choose from size options raning from 1 ¼ and 1 ½, to a Kingsize Slim or a Single Wise paper. 

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Now, whether you want to know how to roll king size RAW papers or just the usual ones, here’s the stuff you’d need: -

  • Your favourite herbs you intend to smoke up
  • RAW rolling papers (duh) 
  • A grinder
  • A rolling tray (not compulsory)
  • A filter or cardstock

Here’s the fun part. Follow these steps to know how to roll with RAW papers.

Step one: Use your grinder to crush some of the green buds as finely as possible. Remove any seeds, stems, dirt, or debris to only have the weed in hand. 

Step two: Use your index finger in place of where your filter will be, and hold the rolling paper. Use your other hand to fill in ground cannabis and pack it well.

Step three: Check if the rolling paper has an even line of weed down the middle. If so, carefully shift the paper to place it between your middle finger and thumb. Start rolling your paper up and down while its between your fingers. Continue until the weed packs down and you have a uniform tube, filled with Mary Jane goodness. 

Step four: Next, rolle the tube upwards using your thumb until it is completely wrapped and the glue strip is the only thing left exposed. 

Step five:  Add some moisture to the exposed glue strip (just lick it a little bit) and stick it to have your doobie ready. 

Step six:  Forgot about your cardstock? Here’s when you’ll need. Cut it to size and carefully install it into your joint’s empty portion. 

Step seven:  Twist the cardstock or filter until it first opens, and then locks into place. Voila! You have your rolled joint all ready to be burnt up and smoked for cannabis nirvana. 

A Few Tips to Keep in Mind

Here are some helpful pointers I’ve compiled to help you out for your first-time rolling experience. You’re welcome!

  • As a rolling novice, you might want to opt for pre-rolled filters for a hassle-free rolling sesh. RAW has a line of them to try out, and I’d recommend using the Glass Filter. Its reusable and gets the job done easily.
  • Packing in the grounds nugs too light or tight can turn your experience from amazing to bad in a jiffy. Experts recommend using ½ gram of the bers for the 1 ¼ size of rolling paper.
  • Size the filter properly, ensuring that the rolling papers fits it perfectly. As a workaround, you can add it at the bottom of the rolling paper before sprinkling the cannabis. Add it in as such that the rest of the paper is unrolled and you have the filter at the bottom. 
  • Since rolling papers are made from plant-based extracts, there’s always the risk of them sticking. To avoid that, simply store them in a cool, dry place. 
  • If you don’t get it right the first time, don’t get disheartened. Learning how to roll RAW papers, or any other rolling paper for that matter, takes a few attempts. However, once you do master this skills, it will be happy sailing from there on. Believe me!

That’s it from my side then! I hope that is easy-to-follow guide helps your roll endless joints with your friends without any hassle whatsoever. A pro tip: if you’re wondering where can you buy RAW rolling papers, simply head over to the Olivastu website and cop yours from the comfort of your home! Till then, keep toking your way an enjoy your ganja!