You must have heard about cheap bongs. Are you imagining those dingy-looking ones that taste horrible and can break at any given moment? Guess what! You’re in for a treat. We have curated a list of some of the best cheap bongs. Share this listing of Top 10 bongs under 100 bucks with other potheads. So, keep your eyes peeled and mouth open!


List of Top Ten Best Cheap Bongs

1. Chongz Acrylic ''Ellas Choice'' Waterpipe Bong, 40cm (£28.99)


Chongz ''Ellas Choice'' Waterpipe bong is for all those junkies, whose tastes are questionable but still the best. This acrylic bong clears up the smoke and all the grimy little particles. This big boy is 40cm tall and you will never forget the ecstatic rips from it. The product is available in our store at the price of €31.89. Also, the mouthpiece is thick and straight enough to send you to nirvana!

2. Chongz V for Viktory Glass Beaker Ice Bong- Chromed Blue, 40cm (£79.99)

When talking about top 10 bongs under 100 bucks, we cannot help but mention this beauty. Chongz V for Viktory Glass Beaker Ice Bong is for the victorious. The bong is made from high-quality glass which makes it among the best cheap glass bongs. The blue chrome shade sets it apart from the crowd. So enjoy the cold hits as this is one of the best ice bongs that you will ever get your hands on.

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3. PieceMaker KaliGo Wet Pipe Beaker Bong, 22cm (£41.99)

PieceMaker makes an entry in the top ten best bongs with this one. They have come up with their newest and refreshing series of Go! with this beaker bong on their list. The major USP of KaliGo Wet Pipe Beaker Bong is that it has many air pockets that will double your fun. 

The downstream increases the value of percolation. PieceMaker’s have patented the mouthpiece of their bong and you will get to experience it firsthand. We have various colors available. So have your pick and go for it!

4. Basil Bush 18" Straight Pipe Wide Acrylic Bong, 18cm (€16.49)

Why go for the old and boring monochromatic look of your straight flush to heaven than this coloured beauty. The straight design of Basil Bush Straight Pipe Wide Acrylic Bong has made everyone its fan and has given a spot in our list of top ten best bongs

The popularity also stems from the fact that apart from it’s eye-catching look, this bong is also made of sturdy thick material. So forget all those frail-looking bongs. You can carry this Basil Bush one without any worry or hassle.  

5. Justin Hale ‘The Window’ Ice Twist Acrylic Bong, 30cm (£18.99)

When making the list of the top ten best bongs, we cannot help but mention this black beauty. Justin Hale's 'The Window’ Ice Twist Acrylic Bong has a wide smoke passage for bigger hits along with a spiral bubble-style body. This cheap bong has a window design which makes it unique and the neon color fits it to tee. The cherry on top is the Justin Hale logo of the skull! Mark my words, you will rule the scene with this terrifying bong.

6. Bounce! Crazy Print Silicone Skittle Bong, 18cm (£22.99)

This funky little thing is just what you need. It has the perfect height, being 18cm tall for all the junkies to carry it easily. The design is positively crazy with the comic-style pattern. The colors make it crazy and appealing at the same time. 

Bounce! Crazy Print Silicone Skittle Bong has made it to the list of top ten best bongs with this one. It has several smoke dispersion slits which help in clearing the smoke up. We can't just have anything in our mouths, right?

7. Half Baked 20cm "Backstop" Glass Bubble Water Pipe Bong, 20cm (£10.99)

One of the best cheap glass bongs that you will ever set your eyes on. Half Baked 20cm "Backstop" Glass Bubble Water Pipe Bong is not only pocket-friendly but is also very easy to travel with. All the fancy cheap bongs that you have ever seen, lack the quality of being travel-friendly. 

This bad boy stands 20 cm tall. Just what you need when you're on the go. The design may look simple on the eyes but in reality, the round bottom and straight pipe produce a quality smoke.

8. Cheeky One C1 Sci-Fi Subspace Glass Bong, 25cm (£32.99)


If you’re a sci-fi freak, it can't get better than this. This cheap bong named Sci-Fi Subspace bong by Cheeky One is what all the space nerds need. It consists of a single diffuser and dual percolators to send you to the promised land. 

It easily tops the list of best cheap glass bongs. Other specifications include 25cm in height and a 14mm female glass adapter. Go for it and make the space community proud.

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9. Mario 3D Glow in the Dark Stars Glass Bong, 32cm (£79.99)

For all 80s & 90s kids out there, this Mario 3D Glow in the Dark Stars Glass Bong is what dreams are made of. What can be better than a glowing cheap bong? It is one of the best cheap glass bongs that will get you high even in the dark. 

The size of this sleek cheap bong is 32cm and the material used is resin. It is very easy to clean. The Mario is made up of thick resin material that is sturdy enough for you to show off. It also features ice pinch for soothing rips.

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10. Micro Travel Acrylic Bong - Graffiti Random Colour – 20cm (£8.99)

These graffiti-designed cheap bongs are both practical and portable. For every pothead out there, who are not even wanderlusts, these Micro Travel Acrylic Bong are a must. The stem is removable from the bowl so you can easily carry it. It stands 20cm tall and can hold a significant amount of water for extra filtration. You cannot regret buying this.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Does smoking out of a bong get you higher?

Yes. The bong vessels are made in such a way that the hit is bigger and the harshness is lower, via the filtration system. The more the better!

2. Why is it called a bong?

The word bong comes from the Thai word “Buang”. Buangs are bamboo bongs, highly popular in Asia. It has been said to gain popularity via the Silk Route.

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3. What is the point of a bong?

To get high! Do you want me to expand on it?

The main purpose is to get filtered rip with the use of water in bongs.

4. What happens if u rip a bong without water?

Disgusting! Even answering this is making me vomit. Bong without water is like scotch without ice. You will be inhaling all the unfiltered smoke and its residue without the use of water.

5. Can you put juice in a bong?

If you want something extra special in your bong, put some cranberry juice instead of water. It is one of the most popular alternatives to it. Next time, try some of it!

It is very important to have one of these in your possession. Affordable cheap bongs are very important in every pothead’s life. You cannot risk an expensive bong in the middle of nowhere. So go make everyone’s life easy and spread the word around for the list of Top 10 bongs under 100. Catch us next time!