Smoking your favourite herbs involves many smoking accessories including the very famous rolled joints, or the ancient smoking pipes. But we can all agree that nothing hits like a good ol' Bong, especially when it is designed with the added technology and perfection of today's era. 

Bongs have been prevalent since 2500-1500 BCE, and recent excavations have found that the tribal chiefs of the Iranian-Eurasian Scythe tribe once smoked out of golden bongs about 2400 years ago. Even though this screams luxury, the smoking world has mellowed down and settled with glass, acrylic, and plastic bongs, with the very rare occurrence of any other material. Today, we are addressing one such brand that has revolutionized and brought a world of expansive options to the flower lovers. Chongz has been making their name since many centuries with the help of multiple smoking accessories including rolling papers, grinders, dab rigs, sifter boxes, etc. However, their MVP has always been bongs.

Chongz bong presents a different level of quality, make, and versatility such that it is not only appeasing to the eyes but also delivers a pure, smooth hit. In this article, I will be taking you through 20 Chongz Bong that I have personally been a fan of. 

Let's get started!

1. Chongz "Molly" 2-in-1 Flower Bong & Oil Rig


The Chongz Molly Bong tops the list as it flawlessly fuses the world of dry herbs and oils. The product features a 14.5mm Female Flower Bowl, 14.5mm Female Glass Oil Dome, 14.5mm Quartz Nail, and a Blue Lifter Handle which allows you to make a smooth change. 

I personally became a fan of this bong after experiencing the smoke path that aims to deliver the dopest hits and sends you straight to the 'high'er path. The smoke travels through the downstem to the barrel diffuser which splits the smoke before it enters the water chamber. It then hits the curls and curves on its way around the barrel-type shaped glass before reaching the mouthpiece.

The result? A completely cooled and filtered smoke, that is packed with flavour, terpenes, and the purest hit.

2. Chongz 'Li'l Sebastian Percolator Bong

chongz lil sebastian bong

If the name doesn't catch your attention, the smooth working of the percolator definitely will. The 'Li'l Sebastian' Percolator Bong is made of highly durable 4mm thick glass that allows you to be a little clumsy with the product. With a height of almost 26cm, it perfectly fits the description of a regular bong. 

The Chongz Bong is designed with an ash catcher that filters out any unnecessary matter before it even reaches the water for further filtration. The percolator is aptly situated to further cool down and the smoke for the dank drag. The list doesn't end here!

If you're someone who exceptionally loves the cool smoke, the bong also features an ice notch that you can experiment with to reach the level of coolness that you like. One of the cleanest hits you will ever experience!

3. Chongz Blue Hawaiian Acrylic Ice Bong

I cannot miss the simplicity and portability of acrylic bongs while discussing Chongz Bongs. If you're not a fan of the vulnerable and sensitive glass, Chongz offers you with supreme quality acrylic bongs designed to change the game.

The Blue Hawaiian Bong is aesthetically pleasing with its slight red colour neck accented with the yellow water chamber and rubber base for a durable stay. 

Chongz ditches the idea of a straight neck and instead ventures into the unique design of a twisted neck which doubles up as an ice notch/pinch. All you have to do is add some ice and enjoy the cool smoke. Moreover, the wide water chamber base allows enough space for the smoke to cool down and the rubber mouthpiece gives a comfortable use. 

4. Chongz V for Viktory Glass Beaker Ice Bong


The V for Viktory Bong flaunts a hexagon-shaped base that accentuates its features and makes for an ideal smoking session with your homies. The base is designed to provide enough area for the smoke to filter and cool down before travelling to the mouthpiece.

If the hexagon base wasn't enough, Chongz added a blue chromed finish along that makes it a spectacular addition to your collection. 

The downstem is equipped with a diffuser that splits and cools down the smoke. And if you're looking to add a little more 'oomph' to your smoking session, you can do so by dropping a few ice cubes in the ice dimples and continue to experience the dankest, coolest smoke. 

5. Chongz 'Spyder Maan' Percolator Glass Bong


Oh, this one is a hand-crafted, mastermind piece that gets your attention with just a single look. The unique design mirrors a spider, which is where the Chongz Bong gets the name. Honestly, I was just impressed even before I took the first drag, and let's face it, unconventional designs are everything when you're getting high!

To all the bong geeks out there, this will get your heart pumping. It has a unique shower-head percolator that spreads mimicking the spider web, leading to the finest filtration. The cross percolator is devised to mirror the legs of a spider, attached to the downstem and base. The smoke first travels through the percolator and then through the cross tubes that allow it to cool down, and also negates any splashback. It's not over yet! The 'Spyder Maan' also features a recycler that allows you to consume your herbs and oil, without any wastage or residue. 

Impressive, isn't it?

6. Chongz 'Sue Perkins Love Child' Glass Bong


It has an interesting name, doesn't it? Named after the famous British Comic Sue Perkins, it is indeed one of the most interesting Chongz Bong I have ever had the chance to experience. Shedding all the orthodox and ordinary designs of a bong, the Sue Perkins Bong showcases the utmost level of creativity, design, and not to mention, functionality.

I love how the entirely functional bong is transformed into a dab rig with the addition of a 14.5mm banger. And the large water chamber along with the sturdy base allows it a good grip and filtration process, ensuring only the purest and the smoothest hit make their way to the mouthpiece. It is one of the most beautiful pieces of my glass collection.

7. Chongz Goosebump Glass Bent Beaker Bong

Moving on from the very peculiar and unique design, let's settle down with a simple yet efficient make of the Chongz Beaker Bong. The Goosebump Glass Bent Bong is manufactured with a sturdy 7mm thick borosilicate glass which makes it durable enough to bear a bump or two. Chongz stays true on their legacy of high-end, affordable, uniquely designed glassware with this super-efficient bong. 

I truly loved the hypnotic swirl along with the bent shaft in the Goosebump glass piece, which amplifies when the smoke whirls through it. The Goosebump Beaker Bong features a ground joint of 18.8mm size with a slit diffuser which can be reduced down to the standard 14.5mm to fit the 14.5 swirled bowl supplied or any of your preferred 14.5mm bowl slides.

8. Chongz 'Nutty Boy' Glass Bong - 20 cm


If you're a fan of wide water chambers and like your smoke exceptionally filtered, the 'Nutty Boy' is for you. It doubles up as a dab rig, allowing you to experience the complete spectrum of the cannabis world without burning a hole in your pocket. The bong also comes attached with an upright stem that is ideal for other glass attachments like herbal vaporizers.

The Chongz Bong is equipped with a very wide flat base and a spacious water chamber that allows the smoke to travel and filter efficiently before making its way through the neck. It also features a snowflake patterned clear glass body on a snow-white base which sets the atmosphere for freshness and adventure while inhaling the cool smoke.

9. Chongz Noza Supreme Glass Beaker Ice Bong

The Chongz Noza Supreme Glass Bong is another addition that celebrates the uniqueness and functionality of Chongz Bongs. The square flask style body is pretty impressive, which is then amplified by the milky coloured glass neck. You have multiple colour options for the neck so choose one that fits your style the best!

The bong stands at 36cm tall with a durable and sturdy glass make. The smoke is filtered in the beaker base and then cooled down further with the help of the ice pinch in the neck. Just place a few ice cubes and you're ready to experience the smoothest, cleanest hit that does not seem harsh on the throat. 

10. Chongz Twisterella Liquid Cooling Matrix Perc Glass Beaker Bong


Cinderella but with a twist! The Chongz Twisterella is a true masterpiece of artistic glassware that is designed to bring the authentic & pure flavour of the dry herbs. It features a downstem that is attached to the matrix percolator in the beaker base of the bong. The Base is detachable and is connected to bong tubes male joint securely with the help of a plastic keck clip. 

And now the fun part - The Chongz Bong features a spiral percolator placed in an encased non-freezing, red-coloured liquid. To add a little more cooling to the smoke, you can simply place the tube in the freezer 15-20 minutes before use, and then enjoy a beautiful, smooth dank smoke that sets you straight on the path to Nirvana! 

This is one of my absolute favourite bongs & I would recommend every grass lover to at least try once. 

11. Chongz Alien Gas Mask Bong

The innovative design, the ease, the smart mind - everything blended to curate this uber-cool gas mask bong. If you love smoking so much that you want to do it with your entire face, this one's for you.

I am pretty sure this particular alien bong mask device is for nights that you cannot remember and wild parties that leave you with no memory. I find this exceptionally helpful for movie marathons where you just want to be blazed and passed out with a funny scene in the background. 

12.  Chongz "Sex on the Beach" Bong

Pina Colada, but as a bong? This one sounds like a very innovative deal and resembles your order at the local bar. If you're planning to blaze up in the most sophisticated way, around the beach, this compact bong makes for a great experience. 

The mouthpiece is the straw, and the bowl is eccentrically placed to accentuate the design. The draw and vapour quality is decent compared to the portable size of the bong. However, it doesn't leave you disappointed. Not to say, the pretty design makes a great centrepiece. 

13. Dr Death by Chongz 'Rainmaker' Percolator Bong

If you're a fan of everything dark and beautiful, this little bong goes a long way. Lined with Black accents along with the Chongz branding, the bong looks stylish enough to flaunt to your homies. The 27cm glass bong features three arm tree perches, ice twist notches, and a bubble percolator with a glass downstem and male ash catcher bowl. Moreover, you get ultimate filtration with the ice pinches and a large base. 

14. Chongz Glass ''Bonar Champ'' Bong


The eye-catching pearlescent venom colour design of the book offers it a very eccentric look. It is truly one of the most stunning pieces your will ever own. 

The bong style is decorated with 4 maria's placed on the neck, ending with an ice pinch to hold the ice cubes. The base of the bong flaunts the Chongz platinum logo while it robustly sits on any surface. The similar-looking diffuser and stem add to the aesthetic of smoking through a one-in-a-million piece! The Bonar Champ bong has an 18.8mm female ground joint and a similar male joint as well. 

15. Chongz Dr Death 30cm "Gary" Bong

Made to be extremely efficient, the Dr Death Chongz Bong is a wonderful addition to any collection. The clear crystal glass make, durable base, the inbuilt percolator work to provide the cleanest and the most potent hit.

Experience a whole new flavour of your terpenes with the super sturdy and dank bong. The Dr Death logo is a wonderful addition to amp up the overall experience of smoking from this device. 

16. Chongz Glass ''3 Haircuts 1 Head'' Sea Monster

You can try, but you cannot find a more eccentric and superfluous design in a bong than this one. It looks like a creativity truck hit the device and all that is left is a beautiful piece ready for some dank smoking session!

Chongz left the sophisticated designs and entered the realm of decorative art pieces with the '3 Haircuts 1 Head'' Bong. I love how the colours complement one another, the utmost inclusivity, and the sheer happiness of smoking from such a unique piece. In the end, it's all about the experience, isn't it?

17. Chongz "Torro Rosso x El Diablo" Glass Bong

From one single look, you won't even judge this one to be a supreme water pipe. But keep looking at it, and you'd fall in love with the “Torro Rosso x El Diablo" Bong

The bong starts with a very premium look with an ombre colour effect and an unusual bong shape. The cutely placed animal in the middle steals the heart, and the durable make is a cherry on top. Moreover, it is easy to clean and maintain. 

You won't be disappointed with this one. 

18. Chongz "Mosaic Museum" Acrylic Bong


Chongz brings another beautiful piece into their collection. The Mosaic Museum Bong genuinely deserves a place in the museum with its floral look and smooth functionality. 

The bong is curated from high-quality acrylic making it extremely durable and almost indestructible. It makes the bong perfect for clumsy people who like to own a piece they don't have to tiptoe around. The removable rubber base & a straight stem is an added advantage as it makes it much simpler to clean. 

19. Chongz "Walk in Fire"Acrylic Bong

The name might make you feel like the bong is going to be a raging fire. But the truth is far from that. Chongz "Walk in Fire" Bong is covered with smiley faces that can get a little creepy, but is even better when you're smoking up. 

Apart from the eye-catching name, the bong focuses on delivering a smooth smoke that delivers the real flavour of the terpenes. The quirky design coupled with exceptional performance is something we all desire in a device. 

20. Chongz Greenpoint Gothic Jade Green Glass Bong

Chongz Greenpoint Gothic Jade Green Glass Bong is a very beautiful piece with unique glasswork, making it a vibrant addition to any collection. The good-looking bong flaunts a round flask style body with an attractive bubble section handgrip. The 29 cm height accommodates an 18.8mm to 14.5mm diffuser drop pipe that helps you savour your hit not only on your throat but also on your taste buds.

This brings us to the end of our top 20 Chongz Bong List. If you're looking for the entire collection, you can find it on Olivastu at the best price there is. 

If you've any doubts or questions, feel free to comment below.

Until next time, ciao.