When anyone talks about rolling paper, the first name that pops in our head is RAW. RAW has such a stronghold on the paper market that they have become synonymous with the product itself. The quality produced, the variety offered, and of course, the relatable factor of the brand adds to its overall reputation. The RAW rolling papers are so famous that they have to fight the counterfeit ones offered by dubious people all around. And you know you have done something right when the world is trying to copy you! *wink wink*

By now, you are probably aware of how much I like the RAW rolling papers. They are my go-to brand, and I absolutely love how carefully they have curated the huge line of products, offering one for every stoner and smoker out there. If you're hoping on the rolling bandwagon and thinking about what the hype around RAW rolling papers is all about, keep reading. We go deep into the different types, sizes, and present a brief guide on how to roll em'. Let's read!

Different Types of RAW Rolling Papers

Are you ready to delve into the pleasant world of rolling paper? Let's get started. 

1. RAW Classic Rolling Papers

The RAW Classic Rolling Papers is curated from organic hemp that is unbleached and pure. RAW makes sure that the rolling papers are manufactured in an eco-friendly manner, using sustainable methods. They are grown and harvested to ensure the purity is maintained throughout. RAW offers the classic rolling papers in many formats. Let's see which ones!

RAW Classic 

It is the original size of rolling papers that were first devised. This particular size is the standard size of all rolling papers, also known as the "Spanish Size". Of course, there have been many other sizes developed since then. But, this one remains the OG size appreciated by the classic stoners.

The RAW Classic Paper is made from natural plants, with zero burn additives. Smoke your green plants with only natural goodness!

The RAW Classic is available in different sizes, including 1¼, 1½, Kingsize Slim, and more! You can also find them in a single-wide size.

The single wide size was introduced in 1604 when King James Ist passed a law that increased the need for smaller rolling papers. The Single Wise size measures 68-70mm in length and 34-36mm in width.

RAW Classic Rolls

You already know classic papers are made from natural and unrefined plant materials. But the Classic Rolls take it up a notch and allow you to decide on the length of the paper. These are available in Kingsize and Kingsize Slim variations along with Single Wide Size. 

RAW Classic Creaseless

The RAW Classic Creaseless Paper is made for a smoother and cleaner burn, those who want no interference with their authentic flavour. RAW found the inspiration for the creaseless papers from the original style of rolling that is more ancient than interleaving! They make use of unbleached plant fibres and the purest natural gum line for a steady burn. 

This is your chance to smoke without any preservatives!

The RAW Classic Creaseless is offered in Kingsize Slim and Supreme, and 1 ¼ size for all kinds of smokers. 

RAW Classic Masterpiece

The RAW Classic Masterpiece is the perfect union of rolling papers and pre-rolled tips, packed in one. The pack is curated to make the smoking experience more convenient for everyday smokers. A favourite among the 420 community, the RAW Classic Papers is curated from unrefined plants, zero burn additives and natural tree sap gum. You roll easier and faster, and smoke cleaner!

The RAW Classic Masterpiece is available in Kingsize Slim and 1¼ Size. They are also offered as Kingsize Rolls, which means you can curate them according to your preference. 

RAW Classic Connoisseur 

The RAW Classic Connoisseur Rolling paper is designed for those who enjoy rolling their own cones. The RAW Connoisseur pack is held together by an elastic band, reminiscent of the ancient ‘band packs’ of old. These rolling papers are included with the Original Tips, each curated for an easy roll. 

The RAW Rolling Papers are available in 1¼ and Kingsize Slim Sizes. You can also find them in single-wide sizes.

RAW Classic Artesano

The RAW Classic Artesano is an absolute package. It included RAW Original Tips and a spring-loaded rolling tray that allows you to roll without creating a mess. The best part - all of this fits into your pocket and you can smoke on the go without any hassle. 

The RAW Classic Artesano is equipped with two sets of magnets, making the tray detachable. Once you are done with the papers, you can keep the tray for future use. RAW Artesano keeps you prepared for everything!

These are available in Kingsize Slim and 1¼ variation. 

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2. RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers


Hemp Rolling papers are curated from hemp fibre, which is found on the outside of the plant's stalk. RAW makes use of organically grown chlorine-free pure hemp. These are processed keeping eco-friendliness and sustainability in mind. The result is also translucent papers that burn slowly and supremely clean as they do not contain any additives. The RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers are available in many different variants like the RAW Classic line. 

Let's have a look at the different types of Hemp Rolling Papers offered by RAW. 

The RAW Organic Hemp is offered in 1¼, 1½, Kingsize Slim, and Rolls variety. If you're looking for a smaller size option, you can find the Organic Hemp Paper in the Single-wide size as well. 

Creaseless and Connoisseur 

The RAW Organic Hemp Papers are also offered in Creaseless Paper, like the Classic ones. In the same manner, they are also offered in Connoisseur format in 1¼ and Kingsize Slim format. 

RAW Organic Hemp Artesano Paper

If you're looking for a clean smoke along with a complete package, this one's for you. The entire package includes filters and a detachable rolling tray along with the papers. Once you get your hands on this one, there is no going back! 

Find them in 1¼ and Kingsize Slim variants. 

RAW Black Organic Hemp


The RAW Black Organic Hemp Rolling Paper was released in celebration of RAW 16th Anniversary. It is known as the thinnest, slow-burning organic hemp paper to be ever curated. The low porosity leaves are made to be extremely thin to burn slowly and preserve the terpenes. 

These are made from natural hemp and water and sustainably harvested organic gum from Acacia tree sap. The RAWthentic team dubs this as an expert smokers only product, so decide this for yourself. 

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3. RAW Black Rolling Papers


The RAW Black Rolling Papers are a special creation by RAW. Known as virtually the thinnest natural unbleached rolling paper, the Black Papers offer no interfering flavour, thereby allowing you to savour the true terpenes of the green buds. 

To make it the thinnest paper, the rolling papers are double pressed to ensure the extra-fine texture. These are produced in the Alcoy region of Spain, where the dry Valencian winds make humidity optimally low. The no-additives, only natural ingredient process makes the rolling paper one of the best. 

The RAW Black Rolling Papers are offered in 1¼ and Kingsize Slim Size, along with Single Wide Size. 

RAW Black Inside Out


If you're a fan of backrolling, these rolling papers are specially designed for you. A special paper just for backrolling, you ask? Well, looks like the producers at RAW are rooting for all kinds of smokers!

Each sheet in the RAW Black Inside Out Paper is made inside out so the gumline is already downwards and away from you for the perfect backroll. 

How to Roll RAW papers?

Rolling RAW Papers is not very different from rolling any other paper. Except these are made from the highest quality. 

Here's a brief guide on how to roll a joint:

  1. The first step is to get a grinder to shred the sticky nugs into a fine texture for a clean, smooth smoke. 
  2. Adding a filter is an important step that should not be missed at any cost. Use a pre-rolled filter from RAW if you're not an expert. For a cleaner smoke, try the reusable RAW Glass Filter.
  3. Add the filter at the bottom of the paper and pinch the paper around the filter in such a manner that the rest of the paper remains unrolled. 
  4. Sprinkle your preferred choice of herb or tobacco, ensuring that packing it too tight or light will alter the experience. It is recommended to use 1/2 gram weed in the 1 1/4 size rolling paper.
  5. Make use of your thumb and index finger to hold the paper in a taco shape. Now slowly start rolling the paper. In case any herb falls off, don't worry. You can always stuff it in later. 
  6. Once rolled, lick the glue side and stick it to the paper. Ensure that the paper perfectly fits the filter on the end. 
  7. Your masterpiece is ready to be lit!

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Where to find authentic RAW Rolling Papers?

As an avid lover of RAW rolling papers, I have come across many dubious retailers selling under the guise of an authentic dealer. However, RAW offers authenticity certificates that can be used to ensure your products are not counterfeit. 

If you're looking for an easy way, and want to get your stash delivered to your doorstep, you can order yours from Olivastu. Each product proudly comes with the authentication certificate and offers a beautiful and immersive experience. 

This brings us to the end of our guide on RAW Rolling Papers. For more such articles, keep following this space.