Bongs are every stoner's jam, even if you swear joints are the best way to go about it. And we agree, there is something about smoking from a water pipe that just hits differently. 

If you're someone looking to add a masterpiece to your bong collection or a newbie finding their perfect match, have a look at our list of Basil Bush Bongs that takes us straight to the 'high'er path. 

The Top 10 Best Basil Bush Bongs

1. Basil Bush 'Coming and Going' Glass Bong

Basil Bush 'Coming and Going' Glass Bong

If anything, you'd be impressed with the name of the bong. 

Basil Bush pays extra attention to the detail which is depicted in the articulate twists and turn of the neck. 

The blue shade of the bong adds to the aesthetic pleasure of the smoking accessory, and the sharp turn allows you to drop a few ice cubes for a smooth and cool smoke. 

With a compact height of 22cm, it becomes very compatible to carry it around, especially when you're smoking in a group with your homies. The bowl is easily detached from the base with just a slight pressure. Even if you're looking for a sweet, personal smoking session with you and your imagination, this one would definitely be a great choice. 

2. Basil Bush Heavy Duty Percolator Bong

Basil Bush Heavy Duty Percolator Bong

It is perfect for those looking for efficiency and minimalistic design in a single product. With a flaunting logo on the upper neck of the paraphernalia and a coloured mouthpiece rim, the design is an eye-catching one. 

My favourite part of this beautiful bong is the deep bowl that doubles up into an ash catcher. This ensures every hit is as pure and tasty as you could imagine. Moreover, it also features a three-arm tree percolator that is placed below the three ice notches. The percolator works by breaking your hit into smaller bubbles, thereby allowing the vapour to cool and filter further. 

Drop some chilly cubes and inhale the coolest smoke you've ever experienced. 

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3. Basil Bush 'Two Chamber' Bong

Basil Bush 'Two Chamber' Bong

I love how interesting it looks and just sends the general idea of how a bong should be right out of the window. The first time I set my eyes on it, the curiosity got the better of me, and I ended up spending my toking time trying to decipher the brains and work behind it. 

The name obviously stems from the design itself, where the two chambers are connected via a plastic tube. For easy access, the bowl side of the chamber features a larger rubber bung which can be removed to fill in the water. The wide bowl just adds to the pleasing personality of the water pipe. 

Moreover, the plastic tube that stands in the second chamber enters halfway and finishes at the bottom, allowing you to fill the chamber from there. 

The blend of orange and black and the silver logo on the Basil Bush Acrylic Bong neck makes the bong set complete. 

4. Basil Bush Two-Tone Percolator Bong

Basil Bush Two-Tone Percolator Bong

Let's face it, glass bongs are all the rage but the sturdiness and durability of an acrylic bong are incomparable. You can stash it anywhere, pass around clumsily, and even drop without the fear of shattering. The only thing you would need to do is clean the dirty bong water. 

These bongs are designed with a rubber base to keep the smoking accessory in place when you're consuming your favourite herbs from it. It helps to restrict accidental knock-downs. Moving forward, the round water chambers hold a considerable amount of water for efficient filtering and cooling down. 

The next chamber holds the percolator that adds another round of filtration and cooling down of smoke. By the time the vapour reaches the mouthpiece, there is nothing but the pure unadulterated flavour and 'high'ness waiting for you. 

5. Basil Bush 'Om' Acrylic Bong

Basil Bush 'Om' Acrylic Bong

For all those who are a fan of ancient symbols and wide water bases, this particular bong by Basil Bush is specially curated for you. 

It makes use of a very basic design that doesn't enter the category of 'overboard' or 'sophistication' but keeps things simple with just a symbol of "Om" embossed in the water chamber. The downstem seamlessly connects the base and the bowl, allowing you to comfortably toke. For a better grip, the neck has a rimmed design, whereas the mouthpiece is designed for ease and convenience. 

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6. Basil Bush Handgrip Bong

Basil Bush Handgrip Bong

If you're clumsy and need that extra hold on your bongs to keep it straight when the herbs hit the sweet spot, Basil Bush Bongs have you covered. 

The handgrip bong is nothing short of a miracle for those who like to pass around their bong in a group or while partying. It agrees with the fingers since the design is presented on the base itself instead of the neck. Moreover, the bowl and the mouthpiece are placed enough apart so that there are no uncomfortable sessions or accidents. 

7. Basil Bush Gas Mask

The year has been all about masks, and why should bongs be left out of the 'new normal'. 

The design is absolutely innovative; blending style and functionality. The mask is made from high-quality rubber with adjustable head straps that seal the deal along with the plastic covering over the eyes that allow smoke to stay in the mask after inhalation. 

The bong is curated from high-quality acrylic with a simple rubber base and water chamber accentuated with the red shade. The bowl is just perfect to have a one really good toke!

8. Basil Bush Ice-Twist Acrylic Bong

Basil Bush Ice-Twist Acrylic Bong

Who doesn't like an icy twist, especially when it comes to bongs? This particular bong beauty makes use of a twisted and bent neck that is designed to hold the ice cubes and provide you with a cool, smoky vapour. 

The bend in the neck gives a larger area for the smoke to travel through the mouthpiece, giving it access to extra filtration and cooling down. The result is an enhanced vapour with flourishing terpenes and flavour. 

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9. Basil Bush Diffuser Acrylic Bong

Basil Bush Diffuser Acrylic Bong

Basil Bush delivers on their promise of a mesmerizing design yet again, but this time with a diffuser bong

The equipment is divided into two sections with the lower part holding the water chamber and the downstem part whereas the upper chamber manages the mouthpiece area. 

The twisted middle is honestly the best part of the bong. The smoke travels through the twists and turns, coming through to the other side filtered, cooled down, and filled with authentic, unadulterated, flavour. 

10. Basil Bush Straight Bong

Basil Bush Straight Bong

This is the most simple and common type of bong that you can find in the market, and yet being a Basil Bush Bong adds so much to the functionality and efficiency of it. 

Available in many different colours and types, the Straight Basil Bush Bong makes use of a simple design that delivers excellence and choicest flavours to the user. If you're looking to add an economical and long-lasting bong in your collection, this is the best way to go about it. 

This brings us to the end of the Basil Bush Bongs list. Hope you enjoyed reading this and have chosen your favourite one. 

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to comment below.