The best electric dab rig is all about flavour, well-filtered dabs and minimal drag. If you enjoy the flavour and feel that your cannabis provides you, you must make the right choice with your rigs!

It is not very easy to decide on what is the best electric dab rig. That’s why, we have curated this article with all types and sizes along with why they are good for you!

Dab rigs are devices that help you enjoy your dry herbs or concentrates without the hassle of rolling a doobie. There are two major types of dab rigs: electric and traditional. Electric ones can be charged via a USB cable just like your mobile phones and you can operate the settings and other features. The traditional ones require a torch to heat the nil and do not have battery-operated systems. 

In this article, we would be focusing on the best electric dab rigs that have made their mark in 2021. 

Best Electric Dab Rig in 2021

There are a lot of electric dab rigs available in the market and every smoker has different expectations. Let's take a look at the best ones!

1. Puffco Peak Smart Rig


Being one of the popular electric dab rigs, Puffco Peak is a great investment for all the smokers out there. If you are truly into a stylish yet useful dab rig, read ahead. 

The Puffco Peak is a portable electric dab rig that is made up of a glass spout and a base. It resembles a lot like an e-bong or a banger-hanger kind of rig that a lot of dabbers are already aware of. This smart rig stands 7 inches tall and has a glass chamber with an excellent water filtration feature.

The Puffco Peak has four heat settings: 50°F, 500°F, 550°F, and 600°F. You can regulate the temperature depending on what is in the chamber and how much is the quantity.

It can fully charge itself in about two hours and takes only 20 seconds to heat up completely as compared to other dab rigs.

2. Pulsar RöK

Newly launched Pulsar RöK is another great portable electric dab rig. The matte black finish makes it look supreme. The word RöK means smoke in Swedish which is also one of its major USPs. It looks different from other bongs due to its stylish design. There is no fear of water entering the machine since the battery setup is on the upper part of the body, unlike other dab rigs.

It is 6.75 inches tall and can perfectly fit in your hand. The bottom part of the rig is made up of hard glass material known as borosilicate. It has a disc percolator that creates smoother and cooler vapour. This electric dab rig is fairly durable.

It is fairly easy to clean and maintain.  You just need an alcohol-filled cotton bud to wipe off any dust or dirt accumulated inside the body. The Pulsar RöK offers three different settings from which you can choose depending on the quantity and type of material in the chamber.

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3. Dr Dabber Switch


It is one of the most popular electric dab rigs in the UK. With just a single button, you can heat it up and select your desired temperature also. Thanks to innovation, it takes only 4 seconds for this dab rig to heat up.

What makes it unique is its 25 different heat settings, ranging from 300°F to 800+°F, that you can customize as per your need and herb. Another feature that makes this dab rig more interesting is the smoke density regulator. You can adjust the density and the thickness of smoke as per your mood.

The dab rig stands about 9.5-10 inches and 13 inches and has a black satin finish to it. The box contains the induction dab rig, glass bubbler, dabber, white ceramic lined induction cup, black ceramic lined induction cup, reverse action tweezers, silicone dab wallet, wall charger and a case. All of these for just $400.

This device offers two higher heat settings: for flavour and for vapour. The third setting offers clouds and flavour and the fourth setting hits you stronger. The fifth setting is the ultimate hit!

If you smoke both dry herbs as well as concentrates, Dr, Dabber Switch is a great investment. It comes with two ceramic cups for your dry herbs and sticky wax.

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4. XVAPE Vista Mini 2


Looking for a powerful yet affordable electric dab rig? XVAPE Vista Mini 2 is perfect for you. It is portable and comes with a smell-proof carrying case. To heat this dab rig fully, you only need 10 seconds. This rig has four heat settings along with LED screen displays that display all the information.

This dab rig is equipped with a quartz atomizer that gives maximum dab flavour to you. You do not have to worry about any technical issues with this dab rig since it is equipped with short-circuit protection.

It does not require frequent charging as the dab rig provides about 30 dabs when fully charged. With the help of a USB cable, you can easily plug it in for a quick charging time. 

5. The Dipper

If you ask us which is the best electric dab rig this year, it has to be The Dipper. It is sleek, light and can easily fit the pocket. This dab rig gives a nectar collector with a pen-like feel that does not use water or any heat source. Being extremely user-friendly, you will not find anything like this in any other brand.

Its functionality, as well as flavour, is great in comparison to most brands. The slim design eliminates a lot of problems that usually come along with heavily designed dab rigs.

If you are looking for a high-quality, compact and pocket-sized dab rig, go for it!

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6. Dr Dabber BOOST E-Rig

It is a portable electric dab rig that uses water. It is very light and is designed to work with a domeless dab nail. Just like a traditional dab rig, it also filters the smoke with the help of water. 

To heat, the herb at your selected temperature only requires 25 seconds. With just a single button you can enjoy the rich flavour of your favourite herb.

The overall design of this device is very appealing, especially its signature black colour. It has one single power button on the body that lets you switch on and off the device. This is a very user-friendly device and works great for first-timers.

Cleaning and maintaining the device is really easy. All you need to do is remove all the parts from the body and rinse it thoroughly with water until clean. Attach all the pieces once dried up.

7. KandyPens Oura


It is a full-sized dab rig that is portable and perfect for an experienced smoker. Its special features include great battery life and an auto-shutoff feature. This means that the device will switch off if left unused for 4 minutes.

It is a fast-charging device so you can easily say goodbye to painfully long charging sessions. The smoke quality is optimum and each hit is clean and smooth. It takes 5 seconds to heat this luxury, quartz crystal glass atomizer.

With 4 different heat settings, you can enjoy your perfect smoke as per your preference.

8. Dip Devices Evri

If you have been looking for a very compact and portable electric dab rig, check out Dip Devices Evri. It is a very versatile product through which you can consume in three different ways: refillable oil pods, vape cartridges and extracts from dab straws.

It is a multi-functional cannabis consumption device. It has a battery that connects magnetically. This device is compatible with almost every kind of e-liquid. 

You can consume your favourite concentrates or shortfills through the vapour tip. It is small and compact which means it will fit your hand and pocket perfectly. You can have discreet consumption on the go. The device switches off automatically if left unused for some time. This helps you save a lot of its battery life.

If you are looking for a reliable yet affordable dab rig, try Dip Devices Evri.

9. Dab Tech Elite Plus


If you are all about effective yet aesthetic dab rig, Dab Tech Elite Plus is probably your call. It has an insane internal battery of about 3000MAH and it heats from 280 to 800°F with just one button.

It is small and compact and can be carried anywhere. You can take up to 40 dabs with a single charge. For everyone looking for an inexpensive dab rig option, check this out. You can heat up the device with simply a click. The fitted glass attachment works as a recyclable chamber leading to a flared mouthpiece. It has an indestructible atomizer design.

This device stands 10 inches tall and has a 3000mah battery. Other features include temperature button control and an audio feedback system that you cannot find in other brands.

10. Dr Dabber Boost EVO


Unlike your regular e-rigs that fully heat and then shut off, this electric dab rig keeps the device heated throughout the session. It comes with six temperature settings and you can choose accordingly.

This device is different from most portable electric dab rigs in the market. The atomizer is on the top of this dab rig and the mouthpiece sits exactly on top of it. If you are looking for an extremely user-friendly device, consider this one. The direct airflow doesn't leave any room for a car cap which most smokers love.

The battery life is great and it can be used up to 60 times when fully charged. Depending on what temperature you have set, it takes about 10-15 seconds to heat the device. As soon as the device is heated up and ready to be vaped, it vibrates to inform the user. Check out the top websites for quality dab rigs.

It is another pick for those wanting the best electric dab rigs, simply because of how affordable and portable it is, compared to most other e-rigs! 

11. Focus V Carta

When it comes to e-rigs, every smoker faces the common issue of facing inconveniences when recharging the device. That’s one of the areas where this e-rig shines, as it not only houses USB-C charging, but removable 18350 batteries as well. 

The removable battery setup has been the Carta’s claim to fame, as you can easily swap with fresh batteries to keep dabbing. However, it also houses other premium features, just like other devices from the house of FOCUS. For starters, this electric dab rig facilitates ample filtration, thanks to its large glass bubbler. It also comes with both titanium and quartz buckets, keeping your extract vaporisation needs covered. 

Temperature flexibility is another USP of this e-rig. While it offers four presets out of the box, you can use the smartphone app to set up your customised presets and dab conveniently.  

Last but not the least, the Carta’s atomisers work like magic. As a wax-lover, you can expect 100% satisfaction as it handles a decent quantity of wax every time, and cools down the hits seamlessly. This is also where it beats a major competitor, the Puffco Peak!

12. Core E-Nail

Talking about affordability, this e-rig has, by far, been one of the most impressive electric dab rigs of 2021. The Core E-Nail is the perfect e-rig for newcomers in the world of e-nails and electric dab rigs, thanks to its pocket-friendly price tag. 

However, don’t let the affordable price fool you. This e-rig is an extremely capable device, with four pre-set temperature settings, and an awesome pre-heat function to warm up your thick waxes. Plus, the Core has a reputation of pumping out chunky vapours, especially when you play with the higher temperature settings. This is due to its excellent water filtration. The medium-to-high presets conduct A1 filtration, cooling the vapour down smoothly to let you enjoy the terpenes.

What’s more, the Core is one of the only e-rigs to feature both quartz and titanium bucket atomizers, along with a triple titanium coil atomizer, which can produce serious vapour effortlessly. The e-rig also boasts of premium build quality  and haptics. 

13. VLAB Halo Smart E-Rig


Another serious contender for the title of the best electric dab rig, this Halo e-rig offers a battalion of technology every dabber would love. Available with three temperature presets, the Halo is hardwired to provide precisely calibrated temperatures for dope smoking sessions. 

Operating the e-rig is as effortless as it gets. Its smart touch power sensors mimic the ease of operating a touchscreen, freeing you from the constraints of using buttons while dabbing. 

Talking about its tech prowess, the Halo offers a nichrome oil, which operates like the kanthal coil, but possesses more resistance and heats faster. There’s an interchangeabl;e bubbler attachment too, with eight percolation holes to filter vapour plumes in an uncompromised fashion. Does it get any better? 

14.  G Pen Roam

Possibly the very first portable e-rig, the G Pen Roam is a revolutionary device in its very nature. This electric dab rig houses both a cup style atomiser and top-tier water filtration, all within its nifty shell. 

This is also the first lovechild between e-nails and wax pens, offering the best of both worlds. Proper sealing within its build also removes the stress of water being housed within a device with batteries. 

Temperature control is spot on here, as well! With a range of 315-435℃ (600-800℉), the control buttons allow you to change the temperature in 25° increments. This is excellent, as you can precisely control the temperatures without going too hot, which will drastically alter the flavour of your concentrates. 

What’s more, the Roam’s long vapor path, travelling through the water filtration, also cools every hit before reaching your lips. A nifty feature indeed! All in all, this e-rig is great for those looking for portable alternatives, and also wanting one of the best electric dab rigs available today. 

15. Leaf Buddi Wuukah

The Leaf Buddi Wuukah Nano has impressed countless dab-heads in 2021, thanks to its maximised portability. The Wuukah is Nano’s predecessor, and while it’s less portable, the compensation lies in its advanced features. 

The Wuukah is widely popular for its unique compatibility with a plethora of extracts, from wax concentrates to thick essential oils. To this aid, it also comes with three cup varieties, allowing you to customise your dab sessions and get a vapor quality satiated to your need. 

To further personalise the vapor quality, this e-rig also comes with precise temperature control, and also uses convection heating to heat your favourite extracts perfectly. 

It’s line of features also include a one-of-a-kind glass design to incorporate better water cycles, a capable 3,200 mAh battery for longer vaping, a big LED display, and more. Whether one of the best dab rigs in the UK or not, you decide! 

16. Pulsar Hand-E Nail V3


This e-rig is quite possibly one of the best electric dab rigs, simply because of how it showcases the greatest and latest e-rig tech. With just a touch of a button, you can rip oils and waxes anywhere between 650-1,000℉, that too, in a handheld fashion, thanks to the Nail V3’s portable design. 

Forget about charging hassles; the Pulsar Hand-E Nail V3 comes with both USB-C charging and removable batteries (18650). So, you can either plug in and charge, or just put in fresh batteries to keep dabbing without interruptions. 

Apart from these, the e-rig also features all the bells and whistles for a quality dab session. Three nail types (titanium, quartz, ceramic), a borosilicate glass vapor path, a three-click off/on locking system, and removable dab tool are just  some of its offerings. 

17. XMax Qomo

For budget conscious smokers wondering what is the best electric dab rig for them, there are few that top what XMax Qomo offers. A minimal e-rig, it’s absolutely rudimentary and best suited for solo and small dabs, perfect for those looking to smoke on the go. Those prioritising portability, the Qomo is a top choice. 

A unique feature of this nifty e-rig is its built-in dab tool, placed right into the carb cap. Yes, someone finally pointed out how redundant it is to carry a dab tool everywhere! 

The Qomo comes with three temperature presets, and while that’s too few for one’s liking, they’re precise and do the trick. The e-rig powers up for 20 seconds, making it perfect to be shared with your dabbing buddy. The ceramic atomiser also means that you’ll enjoy better vapors than that of a coil one. 

 18. Lookah Unicorn

One of the best selling electric dab rigs of 2021, the Unicorn has a global reputation for offering the easiest cleaning and maintenance requirements. It combines advanced technology with extreme user-friendliness, providing the best of both worlds to every dab enthusiast. 

The Lookah Unicorn is just eight inches tall. However, it still houses an excellent dab rig base, two atomiser coils, a percolator-included top, a mouthpiece tip stopper, and a dab tool. Wow! Its quartz atomisers promise pristine vapors, thanks to their even heat distribution which produces better potency and flavor. The haptic feedback is a bonus as it tells you when to take your puff. 

If you’re in a hurry to dab, this e-rig has you covered. It’s blazing fast heat-up times allows the Unicorn to reach favorable temperatures within seconds. This is also because of its 1,900 mAh battery, which means recharging is super fast too.

19. Exseed Dabcool W2 Second Generation


This comprehensive e-rig kit combines both portability and performance, making it perfect for dabbers who travel and smoke up. For this, Exseed also packs in a travel-friendly case with the Dabcool W2. Cool indeed, isn’t it? 

If you like playing around with colors, this e-rig is definitely for you. Available in blue, red, gunmetal, rainbow, and even a glow-in-the-dark blue/green variant, the Dabcool W2 promises to level up your style while you dab. 

That’s not all; this e-rig also comes with four temperature presets, along with smart temperature calibration and a 20-second preheat option to ensure each puff is nothing short of perfection. The rig’s ceramic bowl further aids to this by promising the best flavour possible. This entire junction is completed by the premium water filtration system, which keeps the vapor cool, smooth, and oh-so-good! 

20. Pharaoh Electronic Dab Rig

The ideal way to end this extensive list of the best electric dab rigs is by mentioning another A1 product that has wowed dabbers in 2021. The Pharaoh e-rig, from the house of EO Vapes, has been impressing dab enthusiasts worldwide, thanks to its affordable price tag and uncompromised features.

To begin with, the e-rig is geared towards novice dabbers with a liking for light terpene-rich hits, as well as heavy hitters, making it perfect for all-rounder dabbing sessions. It houses one button to be operated effortlessly, and a 2,600 mAh battery for long-lasting sessions.

Other than these, the Pharaoh also offers an angled glass mouthpiece that brings in packed flavours, a sturdy base, and a carrying case too! 

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The Bottom Line


Finding your perfect sized electric dab rig can be challenging for a lot of people. To smoothen the process, we have curated this article so that you can select your favourite piece in your budget. Dab rigs can be of various types and sizes, make sure you research well before settling for any particular piece. You can find the best deals and discounts on Olivastu, the leading headshop in the UK.  


  1. What temperature should I set my e-nail at?
    Ans: Anywhere between 500-800℉ (260-426℃) should be ideal to get you puffy vapours and a smooth high.

  2. What happens if you dab too hot?
    Ans: Too hot a temperature will hinder your concentrates from getting vaporised effectively. At such temperatures, the essential oils will also be destroyed, which combine to create the psychoactive effects.

  3.  Are electronic dab rigs better?
    Ans:  Compared to quintessential dab rigs, the electronic ones use modern tech to offer an easier and more intuitive operation, and also involve the use of fewer pieces. Hence, you can dab on the go, and without too many hassles.