Remember, the times when we were taught not to get defied by the looks? I think the MJ Arsenal Infinity Mini Rig is what they were referring to! This dainty looking mini glass rig is a beast and, trust me when I say this - it's here to sweep away all your other rigs and jigs.

If you are on the hunt for your new favourite dab rig, stop right here! I have the exclusive first-hand review of the MJ Arsenal infinity mini rig and, here's everything that you would like to know before shelling some serious £ on this beauty.

MJ Arsenal Infinity Mini Rig: What is it?


It's a dab rig, man! As simple as that.

Oh, but wait before you jump to any conclusions because it's not just 'ANY' dab rig. It's the infinity mini rig fabricated with a lot of contemplation put into by MJA.

MJ Arsenal is hands-down one of the best producers of smoking accessories like glass rigs, bubblers, and water pipes. If you are an avid dabber, you must have one of their pieces adorning your pothead collection. The recently launched infinity rig takes the MJA Mini rig legacy to the next level and does the job flawlessly.


Why Mini Rig?

Well, that's the kind of question most of the amateur and non-smokers ask. Well, if you want to have a dab that hits right where it should, (no, not the lungs!) keep that air out of your rig.


So here’s how it works - the less the amount of air in your apparatus, the more flavourful your concentrate would taste. And if you haven't experienced it already, let me tell you, you won't be able to handle that stale vapour, boy.

The mini rig series by MJA serves the purpose, minimises the amount of air in it, and maximises the flavour because of its unique fab-egg + Swiss percolator combo paired with the double uptake recycler. 

Woah! That was a lot of information. Let’s start right from the beginning.

MJ Arsenal Infinity Mini Rig: Packaging

The moment I had this package in my mail, I couldn't wait to rip it apart. The rig came in a cardboard package similar to your any other Amazon packages.

Here's what all I got in the box

  • MJ Arsenal Infinity Mini Rig
  • MJ Arsenal Padded Zipper Pouch
  • Mini MJA Dab Tool
  • 10mm Mini Rig Quartz Bucket - Opaque Bottom
  • MJA Bubble Cap/Carb Cap

Kindly note that the baggie, dabber, bucket, and carb cap are the add-ons that you will have to buy with the rig and, they are not freebies.

Moving on, let's discuss each of the package content in detail.

MJ Arsenal Padded Zipper Pouch


I loved this! Even though I have storage boxes to pack my glasses, this pouch is a classy add-on to my treasury. It is robust with padded inner lining, has enough space to accommodate the rig, and looks promising.

I am not sure if it would be able to protect your rig from intense drops but, it's indeed scratch-resistant. Even if you are not using it to carry your glass, you can use it for packing dabbers, nails, carb caps etc.

Mini MJA Dab Tool, Carb Cap, Quartz Bucket


I already own five dabbers but, getting one more is no harm. First of all, they all come in their separate packaging with loads of bubble-wraps to keep them from breaking.

The carb cap fits perfectly the 10mm banger (the one that comes with the rig) and the quartz bucket (the one that I bought extra). I was sceptical about the banger's size, which is why I ordered the big bucket! If you're a novice dabber, the original dab nail is good to go.

Mini Infinity Rig

Now talking about real beauty, the mini infinity rig comes in a sturdy foam-based arrangement, packed in a black coloured box. Let me tell you something, don't overlook the box or throw it away. 

Here's why. The rig box comes with handy information on the ideal water level that is perfect for dabbing. Apart from this, you can also see the rig anatomy on the other side of the box.

The foam housing is perfect for storing the dab rig, and, there are no chances that it could go wrong.

Mini Infinity Rig: The Appearance


As soon as I took out the rig from the box, I was terrified with its first look. It appeared no less than an ornament that I would flaunt only on special occasions. The piece looks exorbitant and even more precious than the original fab-egg itself.

Thanks to the Faberge-egg percolator design, the rig fits perfectly in my palm, giving better access to my torch. It's only 5.5 inches in size, having 10mm connection, and made of borosilicate glass.

The piece appears dainty, but, it does carry some weight. It's perfect for dabbers on-the-go. You can pack it in a little box and start dabbing anytime, anywhere (avoid the cops, though!).

Now if you will look at it in the pictures, your mind would start boggling, especially when you're high! Lol.

The unique design of this rig gives it an extra flair of sophistication. You would see a lot of holes, pipes, and joints in it and, it's not possible to figure out the functioning until you have one.

But, I will try my best to explain it to you.

MJ Arsenal Infinity Rig: How does it work?

To start with, let me list the parts of this rig so that you can understand how it works.


  • Swiss-style Percolator
  • Fab-Egg Percolator
  • Double up-take Recycler
  • Reclaim Catcher
  • Fixed Downstem
  • Splashguard
  • Nail/Banger/Bucket
  • Mouthpiece

And no, I am not kidding nor am I high on something. This little piece that you see, it comes with all of this! I called it a beast for a reason, got ya?

If you are someone who has bought the MJ Arsenal Claude Rig and the Royale rig before, you would know how this glass works. Yes, the Infinity rig combines the classical fab-egg percolation of the Royale rig with the rhythmic cycloning filtration of a double uptake recycler - the Claude.

So basically, it's Claude and Royale merged into a single piece and boom!


What is Swiss-style Percolator and Fab-Egg Percolator?

Percolator or percs have been introduced to the stoners long ago, and, they exist for a reason. Earlier, there used to be a single percolator in a rig or a bong which is these days paired up with another perc - to intensify the smoking experience and get a more cooling hit.

Having the perc or not is still a debatable question but, I think, it makes the sesh more relaxing and soothing.

The infinity mini rig has a condensed space to keep off the excess air, and straight down the fixed downstem, you would find a base connected Swiss-style percolator (with 4-holes) that diffuses the vapour evenly into the water.

As soon as you start inhaling, the water travels through the recycler tube, goes into the upper chamber that has the splashguard to keep water from entering your mouth. 

From there, the water gets divided into two tubes that are connected with the upper hemisphere of the fab-egg percolator. The fab-egg perc then distributes the water further and helps to produce more and more bubbles.

Remember, the higher the number of bubbles, the smoother the hit you will get. 


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What is double uptake recycler?

Recyclers are used in bongs or rigs to enhance the smoke filtration process. It lets the water pass through the chambers continuously thereby, filtering out the impurities from the vapour.

The recycling technique maintains the potency of the dab and prevents flavour-loss. If you’ll look closely at the GIF below, you can see how the water travels through all the three chambers of the rig in a continuous loop.  This gives the smoke more travel time until you take the final hit!

And trust me guys, this happens so flawlessly that I could taste the authentic flavour and, I was blown away. 

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the built-in reclaim catcher. If you look below the downstem, there’s this drip catch to collect drops of wax that don’t get vaporised. Pull out your torch, heat up the drip and, wait as you see the leftover concentrate getting vaporised. This keeps your rig clean and doesn’t let your valuable wax go waste.

I must say, whoever thought of this rig, he must be high on something dope (I need that stuff!).

All in all, here’s how I will summarize the infinity rig functionality:

  1. Swiss-Style Percolator: Diffuses the smoke into the water.
  2. Fab-Egg Percolator: Further diffuses the smoke to produce more bubbles.
  3. Double-Uptake Recycler: To run the filtration process in continuous cycles
  4. Reclaim Catcher: To collect and re-use any left-over concentrate, keeping the rig clean and shining as a jewel.

The Fun Part: How did I find the Infinity Rig?

First things first, after unboxing the rig, I washed it and filled it with water. See, don't try to be a disgrace to the hempire. Okay? Stick to the water-level instructions mentioned on the box to get that ultimate hit.

After filling it up with water, I used my Blazer torch to heat the banger, asked Siri to put on a 50 seconds timer (mentioned on the box), and allowed it to cool before loading it up. Oh, it smelled so gooood!


Ahem! Sorry, I got carried away. 

Okay, so next thing you gotta do is - dab! I was so fascinated looking at the water splashing the walls of the rig, taking rounds of the recycler, yet it didn't enter my mouth.

The drag was clean, cool, and smooth. It neither felt cutting through my throat nor did it hurt my lungs at all. And, the best part - I could taste my resin like never before (also, I got high and wrote this review - just kidding).

Mini Infinity Rig: Drawbacks

After all the praise that I did for this little beauty, do you think I would say anything bad about it? Well, the only drawback that I could find is the fragile joints of the glass. Though the piece feels sturdy, the excess number of joints make it prone to accidents and feel much more delicate that other rigs of the MJA Mini-series.

Other than this, this Mini Rig is lit! I would buy another one and gift it to my homies as well. This is by far the best rig that I have ever got. And, it is what it is. You know it when you dab it!

I hope this review would make your ££ worthy and you would love getting this beauty in. Let me know your reviews or suggestions about the Infinity Mini Rig in the comments below. Till then, Toke it Your Way with Olivastu.