Did you know that you’re indirectly related to the Scythian tribal chiefs? No? Well, let me tell you that just like us potheads, Scythian chiefs also used bongs to smoke cannabis and opium. Isn't that awesome! To top that, Olivastu is compiling a huge list of the Top 30 best bongs in the UK.  So if you have any questions like what is the best bong brand or what is the best bong to buy, then you’ve arrived at the right place.  

List of Top 30 best bongs online in the UK

Crackheads, more often than not, get confused for being slackers. But to make your work easy, Olivastu has mentioned all the best bongs on the market. So, when you are looking for the best-rated bongs at the best price, the below-mentioned checklist should be your hook. Eat it!

1. C1 Sci-Fi Trojan Straight Glass Pipe Bong, 37.5cm (£44.99) 

C1 Sci-Fi Trojan Straight Glass Pipe Bong is one of the best bongs on the market. This 37.5cm sleek bong will always make it in the list of the top ten best bongs. It has a crystal clear glass body that gives it a distinct look. The jelly fish percolator and ice notches will help in making your hits smoother and delightful.

2. Roor Pocket Friend, 17cm (£149.99)

Roor Pocket Friend is every pothead’s friend. It can easily fit in any breast or small pocket. So all the wanderlust stoners, this is it! The coloured head of the bong is very appealing and you would love to get your hands on this amazing piece.

3. Bounce! Bleep Robot Glass & Silicone Bong Pipe, 14cm (£24.99)

For all the nerdy space freaks out there Bounce! Bleep Robot Glass & Silicone Bong Pipe is your Eden. One of the best things about this brand is, they make solid and durable bongs for all the clumsy dopers. So check them out here.

4. Puffco Budys Water Bottle Bong, 420ml (£59.99)

Puffco Budys Water Bottle Bong is a precisely engineered bong that has taken many of our needs into consideration. This one will always make it into the list of the top 10 best bongs due to the sheer accuracy of the design. For all the beginner’s and discrete junkies out there, this will surely save your hide.

5. Jaxx USA Crystal Clear Glass Waterpipe Bong, 32cm (£25.64)

If you’re looking for the best bongs online, this can't be missed. Jaxx USA Crystal Clear Glass Waterpipe Bong is a meticulously designed apparatus, whose sleek design helps in making your ripping process way smoother and effective. It is made from hard glass material known as borosilicate. So you don’t have to coddle it all the time. Relax and give it a try!

6. Half Baked "Que Sera" Acrylic Bong, 30cm (£11.99)

Half Baked’s Acrylic Bong Que Sera is an easy-to-maintain, budget-friendly bong that should definitely make the top 10 best bongs list. Its quirky colour and durable material make it worthy enough for you to spend. If you’re looking to expand your bong collection then this one is a must.

7. Chongz Glass ''The Blob"  Waterpipe Bong, 31cm (£50.14)

If you’re looking for a premium quality bong, then Chongz Glass ''The Blob"  Waterpipe Bong is among the best bongs online. Its crazy graphics and high-quality glass material are dope as hell. But that’s not it. This bong is designed in such a way that you don’t have to do much while cleaning it. C’mon, go for it!

8. Half Baked "Downfall"  Acrylic Bong, 30cm (£13.99)

Look at that! Half Baked’s Acrylic Bong "Downfall" is one heck of a thing. This 30 cm tall bong has everything going for itself. It is cheap, great to look at, and is pretty durable. What more do you want? Don’t wait and click it!

9. Dr Death  "Gary" Purple Waterpipe Pipe Bong, 25cm (£35.09)

Dr Death  "Gary" Purple Waterpipe Pipe Bong is perfect for all the pros. This powerful 30cm bong is made from borosilicate, a hard glass material. Dr Death is known for its efficient bong designs and this one proves that. It also features a bent mouthpiece that makes for smoother and easier hits. Take a look!

10. Chongz Dead Head 9mm ''Day of the Dead'' Ice Beaker Glass Bong Waterpipe 30cm (£47.69)

Chongz is one of those rare brands that always have something up their sleeve. Chongz ''Day of the Dead'' Ice Beaker Glass Bong Waterpipe is something that you really need to experience in your life. If you like your hits super big and without any hindrances, then this bong is your gateway to heaven. 

It is easily one of the best bongs on the market and Olivastu is honoured to present you with it. To make it even more attractive, an allocated area of ice cubes is also present. So, go for this delightful piece right now. You won't regret it!

11. Hunter S.Bongson "Smashed" Glass Cracked Percolator Bong, 20cm (£15.99)

You’re probably wondering why it is named “Smashed”. Well, let me clear that up for you. The fantastic and eye-catchy design of the Hunter S.Bongson "Smashed" Glass Cracked Percolator Bong, is the reason. It features a cracked glass look which makes it pretty unique. 

But don’t worry, it is made from borosilicate and is very durable. The material is both heat & temperature resistant. Try it now!

12. Roor Classic Pipe, 25cm (£159.99)

If you want both quality and class, Roor Classic Pipe is totally on point for you. The handheld pipe feature will make your smoking experience even better. Check out its base. The bulb-like shape of the base is there to allow more coolant. You seriously cannot miss this.

13. Chongz Acrylic "Miserable Lie" Spotted Waterpipe Bong, 30cm (£18.99)

Isn't that awesome! Just imagine yourself having a big do with this thing. There’s a guarantee that this bong will catch every eye in the room. Chongz Acrylic "Miserable Lie" is a waterpipe bong that features an attractive multi-colour spot design. It’s a lightweight, travel-friendly bong that will make your life way easier. So, go on and do it!

14. Dr Death Ice Beaker Waterpipe Glass Bong, 20cm (£22.99)

Dr Death Ice Beaker Waterpipe Glass Bong is among the best bongs from Chongz Dr Death collection. This bong ticks all the checkboxes. It is a nice-looking, durable bong that comes at an excellent price. Its sturdiness can be gauged by the fact that the bong is made from 4mm thick glass. The beaker is wide enough to hold a substantial amount of water. The bong also features ice dimples to make it even more desirable.

15. Keith Haring Glass Water Pipe (££194.99) 

Keith Haring Glass Water Pipe is a high-end pipe that features fantastic Keith Haring art. So, if you’re an artsy doper, you surely would want to get your hands on this aesthetically pleasing-looking bong. The art piece on this water pipe is worth the money alone. 

It is a 12.4-inch tall glass water pipe bong that is equipped to bear high heat. The material of this bong is premium borosilicate glass that can sustain a higher amount of heat. So, don’t waste the exclusive UK’s Black Friday deal and go for it.

16. Cheeky One C1 Sci-Fi Conical Glass Bong (£18.99)

Cheeky One is among our favourite brands. If you have ever seen a list of the top ten best bongs, this brand will always make it. Are you a sci-fi fan and a junkie as well? We have just the right thing for you. 

Cheeky One C1 Sci-Fi Conical Glass Bong has a unique built-in diffuser down stem that sits deep into the conical base. For all the flamboyant dopers out there, you can even wear this bong as a little pendant hole is given for you to show off. Isn't that great!

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17. Chongz Glass ''Cristal Tips'' Waterpipe Percolator Bong 30cm (£65.44)

If you have a penchant for liking something new and different, then you would love the Chongz Glass ''Cristal Tips'' Waterpipe Perculator Bong. As the name suggests Cristal Tips by Chongz is designed in a way that resembles the crystal effect. Even though it gives a fragile kind of vibe, the material used in making the bong is borosilicate. So, relax and add this to your cart.  

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18. Bounce! Microscope Silicone & Glass Hybrid Bong (£33.99)

Look at the psychedelic colours of this bong. There is a chance that you will get a high even by looking at Bounce! Microscope Silicone & Glass Hybrid Bong. It's brilliant for all the quirky people out there whose vibes are different from others. Apart from the awesome look,  it is quite durable due to the use of silicon material.

19. Cheeky One C1 Sci-Fi Subspace Glass Bong (£32.99)

If you’re a sci-fi freak, it can't get better than this. This affordable bong named Sci-Fi Subspace bong by Cheeky One is what all the space nerds need. It consists of a single diffuser and dual percolators to send you to the promised land. 

It is one of the best bongs for the price. Other specifications include 25cm in height and a 14mm female glass adaptor. Go for it and make the space community proud.

20. Stundenglass Gravity Hookah Bong – Black (£445.49)

The Stundenglass Gravity Hookah Bong is an elegant and sophisticated-looking hookah bong that is made up of clear glass globes. If you’re nerdy enough to understand the technicalities, then you would be delighted to know that it has a 360-degree rotation design. 

It is also made for all the clumsy crackheads as its sturdy and durable materials like aircraft-grade aluminium, high-quality Teflon seals, and surgical-grade stainless steel makes it indestructible. 

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21. Chongz "Vapor Trail"  Percolator 2 System Glass Bong & Oil Rig, 22cm (£32.99)

This is a unique kind. Chongz "Vapor Trail" is a dual system glass bong that helps in experiencing the best kind of hits while smoking from a single bong. The rig helps in making us get the best of both. You will notice that the smoke that is produced would be thick and clear of any residue.

22. Basil Bush Straight Pipe Wide Acrylic Bong, 18" (£14.99)

Why go for the old and boring monochromatic look when you can have this warmly coloured beauty? The straight design of Basil Bush Straight Pipe Wide Acrylic Bong has made everyone its fan. At Olivastu, we love to guide our readers to buy the best bongs online and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed. 

The popularity also stems from the fact that apart from the eye-catching look, this bong is also made of sturdy thick material. So forget all those frail-looking bongs. You can carry this Basil Bush bong without any worry or hassle. 

23. D&K Small Glass Bong - Mini Water Shisha Pipe - Assorted Designs (£9.99)

Have you ever brought a micro-glass bong? If not, this is the right time for it. D&K Small Glass Bong is perfectly crafted 12.5 cm tall, travel-friendly micro-glass bongs. If you‘re the kind that likes to smoke on the go, then you have to have this. The glass bowl is detachable so that you can carry it around easily.

24. Chongz Glass ''Cristal Delight'' Waterpipe Percolator Bong, 30cm (£49.29)

For all the smooth operators out there, Chongz Glass ''Cristal Delight'' Waterpipe Perculator Bong is waiting for you. The design of the bong is very sophisticated and show-case worthy. The thing that makes this bong class part is its glass body which literally shines like a diamond. I assure you that you would not have experienced something like this before.

25. Bounce! Creamy 99 Silicone Bong, 16cm (£22.99)

That looks so cool and crazy at the same time. When Bounce! Comes with something like that, we all can't resist the charm. Bounce! Creamy 99 Silicone Bong is made from the robust material of silicon and is pretty sturdy. It is also very low maintenance and doesn't require any special instructions while cleaning. 

The design of the bong is such that you will get any impurity or dirt inside the bong. So, it's both crazy and affordable. What more do you want?

26. Half Baked "Her to Eternity"  Acrylic Bong, 30cm (£13.99)

Looking for an efficient bong that gives you a satisfying rip along with being aesthetically pleasing? You have come to the right place then. Half Baked "Her to Eternity" Acrylic Bong produces just the right quality of hits that will send you to nirvana. Look for it now. 

27. Mario 3D Glow in the Dark Stars Glass Bong (£79.99)

For all 80s & 90s kids out there, this Mario 3D Glow in the Dark Stars Glass Bong is what nostalgia is made of. What can be better than a glowing bong that is affordable? It is one of the best-rated bongs that will get you high even in the dark. 

The size of this sleek bong is 32cm and the material used is resin. It is very easy to clean. The Mario is made up of thick resin material that is sturdy enough for all your antics. It also features ice pinch for soothing smooth rips.

28. Chongz "EdsChampion'' Acrylic Waterpipe Bong, 30cm (£19.99)

If you’re a resident of the UK, you must have seen this bad boy around. Chongz "EdsChampion'' Acrylic Waterpipe Bong is quite a regular among the potheads in the UK. The design of this bong is pretty euphoric in itself and colour compliments its distinctiveness. Apart from that, the acrylic material of the bong makes it a perfect companion in the long run.

29. Hunter S.Bongson Glass "Helen Back" Bright Bong, 13cm (£9.99)

Hunter S.Bongson Glass "Helen Back" Bright Bong is one of the cheapest bongs in this list of 30 best bongs. Its vibrant colour and thick neck will make your day better and brighter. This 13cm bong is very lightweight and totally suitable for travelling. So, go for it.

30. Chongz V for Viktory Glass Beaker Ice Bong - Chromed Blue, 40cm (£79.99)

When talking about the best bongs on the market, we cannot help but mention this beauty. Chongz V for Viktory Glass Beaker Ice Bong is for the winners. It is made from high-quality glass which makes it the best bongs for the price. The blue chrome shade looks very fashionably elegant. So enjoy the cold hits as this is one of the best bongs that you will ever get your hands on.


Phew! That was a long-bloody list that we compiled. Well, a pothead in need is a pothead indeed. Spread the word around and stay tuned for more. Till then, stay safe and remember, a puff a day keeps the debauched attitude away!