When it comes to gravity bongs, we have all had our share of DIY experiments with soda bottles and plastic cans. But enough of college days' cheap alternatives and let's move one to better and bigger instruments that are specifically designed to get us completely ripped. 

If you're wondering if it is some out-of-the-world smoking accessory, you're absolutely right! 

Stündenglass really raised the bar with this high-end glass gravity bong/hookah that serves you with some never-seen-before technology and make. It is so good that even Seth Rogen loves it! 

With their attempt to reimagine the gravity bong, Stundenglass took it to the next level with their attention to detail, water flow, & mechanism. 

In this article, we aim to make you familiar with the working of the Stundenglass gravity bong along with what is offered with this extraordinary instrument. 

Let's get started, and be prepared to be amazed!

What exactly is the Stündenglass Glass Gravity Bong/Hookah?


As weed/tobacco enthusiasts, we have all tried to make our choicest smoking accessory using items around the house. When it comes to DIY projects, Gravity bongs top the list as most of us attempted to learn it the hard way. However, Stündenglass revamped the industry by offering something very commonly used in an unusual and exceptional design and functionality. 

Using the same science that is applied with gravity bongs, it introduced a 360° rotating glass design with a tough make and stunning black aesthetics that is sure to grab your attention. The Studenglass design is one to die for!. It is also curated to be a triple threat, which means you can consume your green herb, concentrate, and hookah; a pretty all-in-one accessory. For most of the cannabis connoisseurs, the Glass Gravity Bong/Hookah is nothing less than a piece of art!

The glass chamber is allowed to rotate 360 degrees, almost like an hourglass. Oh, and interestingly enough Stündenglass means "hourglass" in German. Pretty smooth, isn't it?

How do you use the Studenglass Gravity Bong?

The Studenglass gravity Bong comes with a 14-millimetre joint that works just perfectly with any 14-millimetre smoking accessory, including the very famous GPen Connect. 

It is quite simple to use the Stundenglas Gravity Hookah. You connect both the chambers to the base and fill the bottom one with water. Load your choice of herb or shisha flavour in the bowl, and light it up. 

Next, you flip the glass chamber 180 degrees, causing the negative pressure to pull the smoke through the waterfall into the empty chamber. 

Once you flip the glass chambers again, the smoke will find its way to the mouthpiece through the falling water. You can easily control the amount of smoke and combustion speed by adjusting the rotational degree of the glass chambers, giving it a personalised experience. If you flip the glass 45°, the smoke and the hit would be less harsh than when you flip it 180°. A word of caution here - You're not to take the ability of this beautiful piece as anything other than being dope. Start with a small rotation and a slightly compact bowl for a smooth hit unless you want a coughing fit. If you're using the contactless mouthpiece for germ-free consumption, be cautious of its power. If you want more control over the smoke, you can use the hose provided with the Studenglass gravity bong. 

My advice would be to damp down the excitement of watching the beauty swirl and start with small flips. Once you get the hang of the mechanism, you can go all 180° on it!

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Stündenglass Glass Gravity Hookah Design

The design and build of the Stündenglass are absolutely gorgeous, and you wouldn't mind keeping it in your living room for everyone to see. The best part; it doesn't have a typical bong or hookah design to give away your secret. 

We get a lot of questions about what Studenglass is made of, and we are just going to answer your query. 

The makers at Stündenglass really took care of the quality and build of the gravity bong as their single most objective and gave us something that is truly made from the highest quality material. It does not just use borosilicate glass for the rotating glass, but also uses aircraft-grade anodized, surgical grade stainless steel, and high-quality Teflon seals making it the sturdiest and the strongest bong/hookah available in the market. 

The different parts come together as one as effortlessly and seamlessly as you can imagine it to. Even the pill-shaped globes rotate and flip smoothly without any break, squeak, or effort. And the best part, you can easily remove the glass chambers and put them in your dishwasher to get rid of the nasty bong water smell. 

No more stubborn residue and build-up that takes away from the true taste of your herbs!

Stündenglass Glass Gravity Hookah Bong - Cookies Edition

The sophisticated black look of the Gravity Bong has been stealing many hearts. The matte finish and robust make is the highlight of the eccentric hookah. However, with more fan following and progress, we were introduced to the Cookies Edition of the Stundenglass Glass Gravity Bong that blended sophistication with a quirky design. 

Designed in collaboration with Berner, the Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur, the Cookies X Stündenglass® Gravity Hookah features an eye-catching yet elegant blue that steals the deal. It features the original kinetic motion activation, water displacement, and the very famous airflow technology and natural force of gravity. The immersive experience of the bong with an exhilarating design is the perfect combination for stoners!

Stündenglass Glass Gravity Hookah Bong - Dr Greenthumb Edition 

The Dr Greenthumb Edition of the Glass Gravity Hookah Bong is an eccentric play on the usual design for a little vibrant look. Produced in collaboration with Cypress Hill frontman and cannabis entrepreneur B Real, the Dr Greenthumb x Stündenglass collaboration adorns the accessory in doctor's favourite green

With elegance and style in mind, the Dr Greenthumb Edition offers a high-end finish, smart logo placement, and durable make to the bong. Place it on any centrepiece and have people eyeing it!

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How does a Studenglass Gravity Bong work?

If you’re wondering how a Stundenglass works, let me enlighten you.

We have already learned about the supreme make, design, and parts of the Studenglass gravity bong. Let's dig deeper to understand how the anodized aircraft-grade aluminium, surgical stainless steel, and quality Teflon seals come together to give us an experience of a lifetime.

The working of the Glass Gravity Bong/Hookah is based on kinetic motion activation via cascading water displacement, opposing airflow technology and the natural force of gravity. That's how it gives you a beautiful, immersive experience while producing smooth, consistent and vaporous draws. Wait, let me simplify that for you. 

The Glass Gravity Bong starts its work when you rotate the glass globes. As the water goes down the lower chamber, it creates a vacuum that pulls in the smoke from the burning bowl. As you rotate the capsules again, the water pushes the smoke, allowing you to inhale the smoke without touching or sucking from the mouthpiece.

If you're not a fan of the contact-less smoke, you can always use the hose

Studenglass Gravity Bong - Packaging

Now that you're aware of the design and working of the Gravity Bong, let's take a look at its packaging. 

Stündenglass Hookah comes packed in a reusable craft case with a handle making it easy to repack and travel with. Make sure you keep the box!

The unpacking might feel a little overwhelming but the way they give each part a separate space in the box really makes things clearer. The parts aren't labelled, so the biggest challenge was to understand the setup. Engineered by an ex-Apple employee, Tracey Huston, the design allows you to feel the level of sophistication and luxury that you have paid for. 

You also get an instruction booklet which might be slightly confusing for first time users, so head over to the YouTube channel of Stündenglass which will clear all your doubts. 

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What does the box contain?

The Stündenglass Glass Gravity Hookah box contains the following:

1 x Stündenglass Unit

2 x Clear Glass Globes

1 x Male-to-Male Adapter

1 x Hookah Bowl

1 x Hookah Hose

1 x Dry Herb Bowl

1 x Hookah Charcoal Tray

1 x Reusable Travel/Storage Box

If you’re wondering how to put a Stundenglass gravity bong together, check out the official video on YouTube here.

Contactless Smoking - Stündenglass Glass Gravity Hookah/Bong

With the current scenario of social distancing and contactless living, it is obvious that the stoner culture will be a little different when we come to the other side. Since the conception of Covid, our lives have changed in several paradigms and it continues to do so. 

The Stündenglass Glass Gravity taps into this potential and offers a contactless smoke delivery system, thereby banishing the spit sharing scheme generated by the smokers. You don't have to carry a filter or feel uncomfortable while sharing a bowl with your homie. 

So, how exactly does this contactless smoking mechanism work?

Since the smoke is forced out the glass chamber with the help of the water pressure, you don't need an airtight seal with your mouth as the one with conventional methods of toking. The 45° adjustable mouthpiece does a great job!

Pipe lovers, don't fret, since it is a Gravity Hookah, it also comes with a typical hose with a very comfortable glass mouthpiece that makes your inhaling experience a smooth one. 

We have covered the basics of the Stündenglass Glass Gravity Hookah including the design, packaging, and features. Since the Hookah comes with a weed bowl, it is pretty easy to smoke weed with the same device. However, when it comes to concentration, it is a different story. 

Let's look at it in detail. 

Using Concentrate with Stündenglass Glass Gravity Hookah

Smoking Concentrates is not so easy with the Gravity Hookah/Bong. Though it is not rocket science, you would need a 14mm male joint to connect with any smoking/vaporizing device to consume concentrates. 

Did you know that Stündenglass was recently acquired by Grenco Science, the famous name behind G-pen Vapes that we have all grown to love very much? 

This means you just need a Gpen Connect Vaporizer to smoke/vape your wax, dabs, and other concentrates. G pen Connect is a male adapter that fastens to any bong so you can enjoy your concentrate without any hassle of torch, nail, and dome.  

The only drawback here is that the G pen Connect is an additional investment for anyone who wants to enjoy concentrates with the Gravity Hookah/Bong.

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How do you clean the Stundenglass Gravity Bong?

I hope you have been enjoying the Studenglass Gravity Bong review so far.  We already know how the device works, its packaging, and design. Let’s move on to the cleaning and maintenance aspect. 

Even though the gravity bong might look like a delicate piece that takes ages to clean, it is pretty simple and efficient to give it a good rub. The best part is that you can simply remove the glass globes and give them an effortless wash without the hassle of reaching for nooks and crannies. Other than that, isopropyl alcohol comes to rescue this device too. 

To get deeper into the device, you can make use of a q-tip dipped in alcohol and remove any residue. Furthermore, you can remove the joint and the rubber plug of the bong to clean the valve. The stems are also eligible to be dipped in alcohol for a good rinse. If you want to go the professional way, use the Studenglass cleaning kit with all its brushes, wipes and tools!

Cons - The other side of the Gravity Hookah

The Studenglass review is incomplete without talking about the cons. As mentioned, you have to make an additional investment if you're planning to use your concentrates and dabs. And an additional investment is a huge deal as the main smoking accessory is already pretty expensive. Moreover, you don't get the temperature control that otherwise exists in vapes. 

That's the second con associated with the Glass Gravity Hookah is the price tag. It is an expensive piece, even though it offers a lot. It also requires attention to use. So if you’re a lazy toker, you might want to pass over it.


1. Do gravity bongs get you really high?

Answer:  Yes, gravity bongs work on a mechanism that makes you higher than an ordinary bong. Gravity bongs produce a very concentrated smoke that directly hits the lungs, allowing you to experience the ‘highness’ at a much higher scale.

2Can you dab with Studenglass?

Answer: Yes, you can dab with Studenglass. However, you would need a 14mm male joint to connect with any smoking/vaporizing device to consume concentrates.

3How do you fill a Studenglass Gravity Bong?

Answer:  It’s pretty easy to work with the Gravity Bong. The Glass Chambers are easily removable You can simply fill the bottom chamber with water and reattach it. Make sure you don’t overfill it.

Well, now you have the entire picture of the Stündenglass Glass Gravity Hookah, you can make an informed purchase. We are resting our case here. If you’re looking for the Studenglass Gravity Bong in the UK for sale, or any of the Studenglass replacement parts, check out Olivastu.
For more such product reviews and articles, keep watching this space.