The pot world started with ancient bongs, rolled up joints, and blunts but slowly progressed into much more modern technology. Vaporizers are the new joint of today's age, and the rolled-up masterpieces have been replaced with the battery-powered accessories that can be as discreet and as efficient as possible. 

The interesting 420 world took us by the storm as more innovative technology, sleeker versions, and efficient performance started making their way into the market. 

Grenco Science is one such name that has been associated with the Vaping world for quite a long time. It has brought forward interesting accessories that quickly rose to the top and have stayed there. One such innovative product is the G pen Connect Vaporizer. 

Blending the world of dabs and portability, the G Pen Connect provided the dab-lovers with the same flavoursome hit without the additional hassle of burning nails and butane torches.

In this article, we are looking at the vaporize/dabbing equipment in detail, giving you a zoomed-in view into our most portable device. 

Before we move forward with any features, let's take a look at what comes in the box and how it operates.

G-pen Connect Kits & Accessories - What does it come with?

G-pen Connect offers a host of replacement parts and coils if you lose any. You can find all kinds of adapters, accessories, replacement tanks and coils at Olivastu. 

The G pen Connect Kit comes with the following:

  • G Pen Connect
  • 14 mm male glass adapter
  • 850 mAh battery
  • Micro USB charger
  • Hard-case zipper pouch

 G-pen Connect Specifications

G Pen Connect - How it works?

G Pen Connect

The G Pen Connect is fairly easy to use, giving you the flexibility to enhance your vapour quality and adjust the experience accordingly. The design isn't a never-seen-before type, but the people at Grenco Science took it up a notch and served us with a learning curve that is loved by dabbers all around. 

The equipment can be attached to any water pipe of your choice. To start with the process, attach the 14mm glass adapter provided with the equipment to the bottom of the glass connector. Once you've done this, affix the device onto a water pipe of your choice. The battery has a magnetic connection which makes it easier to put into place. Before you do that, make sure to remove the cap and load the concentrate. Once the concentrate is loaded, the battery is attached, and the cap is closed, it's time to switch it on. 

The firing up process requires you to press the battery button five times. To choose a voltage, press the same button three times.  

Similarly, you can either customise your heating plans or let the Connect do it for you. Press the battery button two times to start the automatic heating. Use the carb cab for intense smoking or the side carb port to regulate the fresh air entering. Either way, you'd be having one amazing dab sesh. 

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Temperature Flexibility

The G Pen Connect does not just simplify the dab experience for you, but also gives you the option to set the temperature according to your preference. Known as Voltage, you can dab at 3.1v, 3.6v, and 4.3v.

The voltage and modes each have a colour assigned as follows: 

Low (Blue): 3.1V

Medium (Green): 3.6V

High (Red): 4.1V

The Connect is pretty quick in reaching the required temperature and takes only 5 seconds to adjust to your preferred mode. Pretty impressive heat-up time, if you ask me. If you're looking to have a back to back session, you can also make use of the extended draw mode. 

Manufacturing & Design

Before we move ahead with the vapour quality and other features, let's first take a magnified look into the manufacturing and design of the equipment. 

The G pen Connect is encased in a metal body with the Grenco Science signature black matte finish. The main element of the vaporizer is a thin, cylindrical-shaped device where the magic happens. Attached to it is the magnetic part where the battery seamlessly fastens without any hassle.

G Pen Connect Vapour

The battery is supposed to stick out from the cylindrical part and you will soon like the convenience it offers since the power button is located there. It's not a discreet button so you won't have a hard time locating it. Other design elements include the magnetic ceramic bowl and the fact that it can be attached to any rig with a 14 mm joint. If not, you can always get a glass adapter and enjoy a portable, hassle-free dab session anywhere and with any device. Its versatile pairing has earned it many fans all around the world.

The Grenco Science product comes with a warranty, and they claim to use safe and healthy materials for the enhancement of the overall experience. The G pen Connect Box contains a micro USB charger, replacement o-rings, and travel case apart from the main device and battery. 

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Vapour Quality & Performance

This is one of the most important points of our G pen Connect Review because, at the end of the day, vapour quality takes away the prize. 

The takeaway of the vapour quality is the ceramic bowl. The heating element is preferred by most dab lovers cause' the neutral material doesn't interfere with the authentic flavour of your extracts and concentrates. Moreover, you get the option to choose from three different voltages, allowing the user to customize their dabbing experience in a way that was not possible with the traditional nail and torch. 

G pen Connect Review

If you're someone who prefers flavour over big, monstrous clouds, opt for the blue setting, which is the lowest voltage/temperature. On the other hand, intense vapour lovers can choose the other two settings provided in the device. It is also interesting to note that using a nail and torch doesn't allow you to moderate the temperature according to your preference. However, nails can reach a greater temperature than the one provided with the G Pen Connect. Hardcore vapour lovers might not find their preference with the portable vaporizer. 

The G pen Connect replaces the traditional carb cap with the carb release button which works similarly. You just need to press it while inhaling, and the airflow increases along with a lower draw resistance. You will also notice an enhanced flavour. For those who like to vape at a higher temperature, you can use the carb cap to cool down the vapour as well. The only drawback here is with the manual heating option. Since you need to hold down the battery button and carb release button together, it is quite difficult to do so, and you end up using one or the other, but not both. 

Just make sure you indulge in a regular cleaning and maintenance session for dope and pure vapour. 

Battery Life

For everyone who gets a portable device only for the ease of access and the fact that you can use it anywhere, you have to pay attention to the battery life and performance. 

The G pen Connect is powered with an 850mAh battery which works decently for around 10-15 sessions in a single charge. Keep in mind that these sessions are powerful and more than enough for a single day of use. This can vary according to the voltage settings that you are using the device on. The battery life alters if you use the higher voltage settings, however, you can give it an hour or so to get charged and get on with the dab sesh again. 

 G pen Connect Vaporizer

You get the charging cord along with the product and use it with the USB port on the battery. The "G" symbol on the device lights up in red when charging, and soon changes to green when fully charged. To indicate that the device needs charging, it will blink red eight times. Pretty simple, isn't it?

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Portability & Discreetness

The fact that the G pen Connect simplifies the dab experience is a known one, however, the portability of the rig is still debated. Since the G pen Connect is just one part of the dabbing equipment, you would still need a j-hook or a bubbler that can be used along with it. However, it is still an extremely convenient way to toke on your favourite concentrate on the go. 

Coming to the discreteness of the device, taking a hit from a bubbler in a local park or somewhere outside surely draws attention. Even though the G pen Connect is pretty covert, with an attachment it might not be so discreet. However, if you're comfortable dabbing in public or going on a trip to secluded mountains and want to take your extracts with you, this is the ideal equipment.

Ease of Use & Cleaning

We have already discussed how the G pen Connect Vaporizer works. As you might have understood, it does not entail any complicated buttons or mechanism and is fairly easy to operate. Directed towards the general dab lovers, the G pen Connect mechanism gets to you easily. 

Not to mention, there are no butane torches or heated nails involved making it even more appealing to those looking for an easy vaping experience. 

G pen Connect Vaporizer case

Cleaning & Maintenance

G-pen Connect is fairly easy to clean and maintain, perfect for the dabber who find it very hard to preserve their piece.

The ceramic bowl demands a thorough cleaning as it goes through a lot of gunk and heat. The best way is to soak a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol and wipe it down. For more in-depth cleaning, you can also use the built-in spring-loaded carb release button or the burn-off method to get rid of the stubborn resin and residue and clear the chamber. Simply set the device to the highest voltage setting manually and watch the leftover gunk melt. 

Pretty simple, don't you think?

Pros & Cons

We have taken a look at the various features of the G-pen connect vaporizer. It's time to compare the good and the bad, to come to a conclusive decision. 


The Connect device makes it easier to dab without the hassle of torch nails. It gives a tailored experience and is discrete and portable enough to be passed around. The battery life stands true to its claim along with the quick heating time. I believe the simple yet sturdy design and ease of cleaning deserve an applause on their own!


The G-pen is not made for anyone looking to vape dry flowers. The Connect device is specially curated for sticky concentrate lovers. Furthermore, some people find the device a bit on the expensive end of things. 

 Who is it for?

It's best suited for dabbers who like to take their device with them everywhere they go. The small portable size and the durable design makes it perfect to store in a bag and bring to a friend's house for an amazing session. 

The G-pen Connect is also ideal for anyone who is not very big on cleaning. The automatic self-cleaning option and the ease makes it very convenient to maintain for years. 

The device is valued at the higher end of the price, which might not be everyone's cup of tea. If you're ready to shell out some extra money, all the great features and the dope performance of the device are yours!

The Conclusion - Overall Experience

G pen Connect is a beautiful innovation, and with more smoking accessories getting in the discreet and portable zone, it is only fair to see more of such devices in the market. 

The equipment offers quite a lot within the price range, and you can enjoy an awesome vapour quality and hit with this little guy.
You can also find the Cookie x G pen Connect variation at Olivastu!

This brings us to the end of our G pen Connect Review. For more product reviews, keep watching this space. 

Till then, keep toking with Olivastu!