Stoner or not, everyone loves a good deal on their favourite accessories. As an online shopper, nothing excites us more than a good discount or coupon that allows you to finally get your hands on something that has been in your wishlist for the longest time. 

Let's be honest; we are all deal-lovers. And when you mix it up with your 420 needs, it just becomes a cherry on top. And oh, how we love a cherried bowl!

If you're looking for your most-loved smoking accessories at a nominal price for your own collection or your homies, have a look at this Super Saver Deals at Olivastu that give you everything under the sun bundled in the best way possible. 

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The 10 Best 420 Super Saver Deals for Stoners 

1. RAW Gift Set (Small)

RAW Gift Set (Small)

Let's start with the MVP of Stoner's world, especially those who like creating rolling masterpieces. RAW is a staple name in the 420 community with their eco-friendly and compatible products. It's not just the brand but the face behind it that gets the recognition like nothing else, and we all love the enthusiasm that goes behind it. 

Keeping that in mind, Olivastu has introduced this great bundle that contains everything you need to roll a perfect doobie. 

From the very sleek and good-looking Olivastu Grinder, a scraper tool to pick you shredded herbs, to Rolling paper, filters, and tips, the box has a compiled list of everything you need to have a good smokin' session. 

Not to mention, the amazing wooden box you get with the set is just an added bonus

2. Blazy Susan Rolling Tray Set

Blazy Susan Rolling Tray Set

Who doesn't like a shiny Rose Gold Tray surrounded by all the dope rolling accessories?

I am pretty sure you won't be saying no to it. 

The tray measures 18 X 24 cm with rounded corners and just enough high walls to keep your precious nugs from falling over and making a mess. Apart from this, the 420 set also contains two packs of Blazy Susan Rolling Paper along with a bunch of RAW Products. It also contains Purize Charcoal Filters, a Magnetic Herb Grinders, and a Cone Holder to keep your precious creations from bending and breaking. 

Wait, I didn't explain how many RAW products you get with this beautiful deal. There are Pre-rolled tips and Tips Booklets, Pre-rolled Hemp Cone and Hemp Papers, and my favourite, a classic Bamboo Rolling Mat. 

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3. Glass Bong Set

Glass Bong Set

Moving on from our rolling adventures, it's time to take a look at another pot lovers favourite accessory - the BONG!

With a simple leaf design and a sturdy make, the bong set is perfect for all the clumsy tokers out there who keep knocking off their bong to the ground. The bundle also contains a small glass pipe, screen pipes, a Roach booklet, and a grinder. 

Give yourself the clean, pure, and smooth hit that your lungs deserve. The screen pipes work effectively to catch the unwanted by-product trying to enter the smoke, whereas the grinder helps you finely shred the stubborn nugs into the desired consistency. 

What else do you need for a bong-y session!

4. 420 Ultimate Gift Sets

420 Ultimate Gift Sets

Clubbing the world of bong lovers and rolling enthusiasts, these ultimate gift sets are the perfect way to move forward.

In this 420 deal, we get the option to choose from four different sets, each having a larger number of products and in greater quantity than the previous one. 

The first set contains a small Smoker Arsenal Tray with a dope design paired with RAW Classic King-size Rolling Paper, Tips, Glass Filters, and Pre-rolled King Sized Cones. Along with this, the set also comprises 2-part Plastic Grinder, Juicy J King-size Rolling Papers, and two Carbon Activated Purize Filters. 

Similarly, the second set contains the same product as the first one but in greater quantity along with a Metal Smoking Pipe and Mesh Gauzes. The third set is a step ahead and includes an Acrylic Bong for a quick toke and a Hemp Plastic Roller by RAW. 

The last set contains everything mentioned in such a large quantity that it will be a long while before you would need to shop for your 420 stash again. Perfect for those quarantine days. 

5. Acrylic Bong Starter Set

Acrylic Bong Starter Set

If you're looking for a simple yet very economical and efficient stoner set, this one is perfect for you. All the bong lovers unite because we have everything you need!

The Super Saver Deal Pack comprises a mini acrylic bong made for those quick smoking sessions with your homies or an outdoor seshs. Apart from the bong, it also contains a shart teeth herb grinder, a metal smoking pipe, RAW Hemp Papers and Tips, and Mesh Gauzes for a clean, ash-free smoke. 

Seems like a perfect package, doesn't it?

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6. Smoke Arsenal Tray Set

Smoke Arsenal Tray Set

Rolling Trays make your life 10 times easier, not to mention the glorious mess of rolling accessories that are so effortlessly contained in a single place. We all love a simple sophisticated style but when it comes to funky designed trays, we all lose our hearts and minds. Smoke Arsenal gives you a variety of tray designs, each specifically made to suit your stoner mood and choice. The best part; they are all non-stick, durable and colourful. 

The Tray set is packed with an impressive range of products that makes it an ideal rollers choice. The set contains six packets of RAW Classic King Size Rolling Papers, four RAW Tips, and an Olivastu 3-Part Metal Grinder with a scraper tool. 

7. Rolling Paper & Cone Holder Set

Rolling Paper

If you're not looking for something extravagant or huge, we have just the right type of 420 deal for you.

In this set, you'll receive a branded rolling paper either from Vibes, RAW, or any other. On the other hand, you will also receive a RAW tips booklet and a Pop Top Cone Holder. 

It is a pretty compact deal but perfect for those who need the set to have a great rolling session without the hassle of many other products. The cone holder is perfect for storing your rolled creations discreetly, and avoid any damages like bend or breakage to it. 

8. Rolling Papers + Filters Set

Rolling Papers

Another set that doesn't provide you with a lot but definitely keeps your stash on a high always. The Rolling Papers + Filters Set is perfect for those who want just the minimal products at a good cost, and enough supply that would last for a long time. 

This set is available in RAW Papers and Filters, and various Vibes Paper. Take a look and choose your pick!

This brings us to the end of the 420 deals list for stoners. I hope you found what you were looking for. If not, check out more deals here, updated regularly. 

Till then, keep toking with Olivastu!