Gift Sets

What's better than a sale? Combo products and Gift Sets for your homies!

Olivastu offers a range of super saver deals where we club most demanded and essential smoking accessories together to give you the package you deserve. Looking for a brand new grinder, rolling paper, and tips? We have a super saver deal for that!

From combining 3-4 products to a comprehensive set of more than 8 products, we have you covered. We have a range of beginner's smoking kits or a professional one with everything you need to toke it your way!

clubbed with one-hitters and grinders, or rolling papers combined with rolling machines and trays, get your favourite stoner gift set exclusively at Olivastu. And if you're looking for just one product, we have a sale section that makes sure you get the best price in the market.

We aim to make sure you receive the most authentic and economical smoking paraphernalia, without succumbing to the prices. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and surf through the collection.

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