When you find a new cannabis strain, a whole whirlwind of questions surrounds you. From its THC level to the Sativa/Indica percentage, to the effects and even side-effects, you're left to make a decision that would influence the best part of the day - your smoking sesh!

This article aims to give you the most accurate information, so you can walk into the dispensary with confidence and get that skunky bud that has been attracting you all week. The world may not like the "skunk", but potheads have a knack for such aroma and taste as this is what describes the dank-ness of the strain. Without any more delay, let's jump straight into the Sour Diesel Weed Strain Review and let your confusion reach a conclusion.

Overview of Sour Diesel Weed

This particular section is for those who want to skim the details before they make a decision. Sour Diesel Weed is a spectacular and critically acclaimed cannabis strain that has a unique aroma, flavour, and a cerebral high that makes you perform all the boring pending tasks.

I also get a lot of questions asking what is sour weed. It is nothing but another way to address this very potent strain - the Sour Marijuana.

Origin & Genetics

Most Cannabis strains are born out of an accident or have a disputed origin that goes back to the 1990s. Sour Diesel is no different from that.

This particular Diesel strain came to be known in the early 90s when the cannabis market was largely underground and undocumented. The exact origin of Sour Diesel weed is lost in the many transitions, but some speculations keep going around because of strain's popularity. Some people believe Sour Diesel is a distinct phenotype of an original strain called Diesel. The sour diesel genetics is a disputed one. A majority section of the cannabis enthusiasts believe it came from Chemdawg, another skunky strain. It could also be a cross between Chemdawg and Northern Lights, or even Chemdawg, Northern Lights, and Skunk #1.

We don't know for sure, but whoever made this dank strain, they have our thanks! ;)
Let's have a look at the appearance and growing condition of the cannabis buds.

Appearance & Growing Conditions



Starting with the appearance of the strain, Sour Diesel Weed has typical Sativa-looking features with round, medium-sized buds and leaves that give a beautiful yellow-green colour. The pistils have a slightly pinkish-orange colour that brings life into this reefer plant. The nugs are dusted with sticky shiny trichomes that reveal the strong potency of Sour D. When you break open the bud, it exhibits trichomes coating the insides of the dense flowers.

Sour Diesel seeds require specific temperatures and may not be a good option for novice growers. You can grow it outdoors and indoors, remembering that it has its own set of climatic conditions, preferably like California, to grow optimally. Typically the sour diesel seeds require semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climates with daytime temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
Just remember that whether indoors or outdoors, Sour Diesel strain will have a protruding strong smell that will not keep your experiment under the wraps. Don't even plan to do this discreetly!

Since the strain is Sativa-dominated, it's appearance is typical of that. It has a good height, and can even grow over four feet. If you're growing this indoors, make sure you have a proper space and clear high ceilings that will allow the Sour Diesel Weed plants to grow freely. The Sour Diesel Flowering Time is nearly 9-10 weeks, and it is harvested in early November instead of October when most of the marijuana plants are harvested. It has a high yield, nearing almost 40-50 grams per square foot.

If you’re wondering about the sour diesel cost, it currently stands $223 for an ounce, which is for its skunk flavour and potency.

Aroma - Sour Diesel Weed

Sour D is known for its pungent, overpowering smell that can be repulsive for someone who is not used to it. It is this hallmark that makes you notice the bud almost immediately when you walk into a room. Unfortunately, you cannot imagine using this hidden in your bedroom, as one puff of this aromatic strain can scent the whole house. The smell is known to leak through jars and bags, and if you break the buds, it becomes more powering and titillates your senses.

Staying true to its name, the aroma is a mix of fuel, skunk, citrus, and spice. The citrus comes in the form of an orangish smell. Once you grind the herb, it will also give off the aromas of musk and pine sap. Known as one of the stinkiest and pungent marijuana strains, Sour Diesel Weed is widely loved because of it. Apart from the pungent diesel or gasoline smell, it has many notes of lemon zest and citrus, which lends the "Sour" part of the name.

If you're worried your olfactories will reject the aroma, don't worry; the taste is much sweeter than the smell, and the effect will make you forget everything!

Taste - Sour Diesel

As the aroma of the strain, the flavour and taste of the smoke also lean towards the "harsh" side. If you take a strong puff, it can result in coughing and may even make you sinuses water. Go easy on this one.

The same skunky flavour, almost ammonia-like tang awakens your palate and may linger for a long time. There are notes of lemon zest and other citrus fruits folded within the strong taste, which makes up the "sour" part of the flavour. But overall, the skunkiness and diesel-like flavour rides heavily and plays with your senses.

The notoriously harsh flavour lingers on your taste buds for a while, while the pungent odour can carry for quite a distance. The flavour will not trouble you much when the effects take over, and you feel the punch of this strain.

Effects - Sour Diesel Weed


Sour Diesel Strain gained its popularity because of the dank aroma and the mind-blowing cerebral high it provides. It acts as a true Sativa dominant strain, and the Sour Diesel Weed effect starts with a pleasant head rush. You may feel more euphoric, energized, and conversations will flow more easily. The head high is more spacey than central focused ones, so you may be more or less drawn to introspect or feel chatty. You won't be couch-locked, but the strain does have bouts of physical relaxation, which makes it a good one for hiking, parties, and so on.

Many of my friends experience productivity and creativity making it an excellent strain to clean the sink full of dishes, finally make the presentation, or just simply get some work done. The Sour Diesel Weed Effect makes it more accepted as a wake n' bake strain, rather than a night one. But in my opinion, you could take this anytime to get an energetic high that lasts for 2-3 hours. The effects of Sour Diesel Weed is more on the energetic side, rather than on the Indica-type high.

The mind-altering and creative high does not drop the energy level, and keeps you on your feet, working making it very popular among marijuana patients and 420 lovers. If you’re wondering how much THC does the sour diesel contain, it borders on the high, around 18-25 %. You can expect a flourishing high even in a small amount, provided you get top-shelf quality nugs. This pick-me-up strain does not only shoot up the energy levels, but also keeps your body and mind airy and calm, so you can get work done. Perfect to consume with your morning coffee and dash through the day!

Some people claim that Sour Marijuana’s combination of mental and somatic effects makes it a potent aphrodisiac in certain situations. Well, that's for you to decide. But it is fairly agreed that it is a strong Sativa and consuming it recklessly may prove to be overwhelming for some.

Side-effects - Sour Diesel Weed

The other sour diesel weed side-effects are the common ones; dry eyes and dry mouth. You can solve this by consuming lots of fluids. For your eyes, you can use eye-drops from any dispensary, that will help you keep it itch-free and reduce redness.

FAQs - Sour Diesel Weed

Q. Does Sour Diesel Strain make you sleepy?
Sour Diesel is more of a pick-me-up strain than a sleepy strain. You may feel more relaxed along with the energetic high and may feel sleepy when the effect is mellowing down.

Q. What type of Weed is Sour Diesel?
Sour Diesel is a Sativa-dominant strain that has a very potent effect, leading to a productive, uplifting, and energetic high.

Q.How long does a sour diesel high last?
Sour Diesel has an average duration of 2-3 hours of high.

Q. What is sour diesel good for?
Sour Diesel is good for getting work done as it leads a euphoric high with bouts of energy and creativity. People also find it great for conversations, parties, hiking, road trips, etc.

This brings us to the end of Sour Diesel Weed Review article. I hope you found it informative and have decided whether this skunky strain is your cup of tea. For any more questions, feel free to comment below, and I'll get back to you.

Till then, keep toking with Olivastu!