ROOR Bongs are a beauty to behold, and there is no debate there. Every seasoned toker has once dreamed of smoking through their artistically curated glass pieces, and a few of them have been lucky enough to have that honour. It's such a famous brand that you constantly find dupes and fake ones making rounds in the market. It is one way to judge the popularity! (NO, seriously, make sure you check the originality of the product). 

If you're looking through the Internet to validate your feeling for the premium glass bong collection, we understand. For you and for millions of others who are planning to experience the world of ROOR bongs, here's a first-hand review of the Little Sista Bong. It is a classic beaker bong, made by the pioneers of glass bongs, offering an immersive experience.

But, before we dive any further, let's take a look at the history of ROOR bongs and where they came from!

ROOR Glass Bongs - A History

ROOR is an award-winning German manufacturer of smoking products made out of glass. The company, envisioned by Martin Birzle, is now known for their impressive combination of quality and functionality, packed together in an unbelievable design. 

Martin Birzle upheld his ethic of never mass manufacturing the product, which eventually was extremely evident in the careful designing of the ROOR bongs. An expert glassblower himself, his dedication to curated glass pipes led to the birth of the loved brand. Within 4 years of the inception, Martin had to leave behind his sole workmanship and hire a team with the same dedicated values to cater to the growing demand. 

The brand today is a very well established one, catering to fans worldwide. It's not just the common tokers, but also some famous ones. Their incredible commitment to the glass mastery led them to four wins at the High Times Cannabis Cup!

The most incredible glass curation was when ROOR presented the biggest bong in 2009. The piece captured so much attention that the rapper and glass entrepreneur B-Real collaborated with them to launch a line of multi-coloured glass filters called Phuncky Feel Tips.

Now that we understand the dedication of ROOR bongs to curate their tempting glass pieces, let's take a look at a particular one. I have been using the Little Sista Bong for long enough to let the world know about my experience. Let's get started!

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ROOR Little Sista Bong Review

The ROOR Little Sista has a compact length of 35cm, with a stable 18.8mm beaker base. The 7mm thick glass is the highlight of the bong and is made from the highest quality German Schott Duran Pyrex. 

This type of glass contains boron trioxide, which offers a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. It translates into the glass being durable enough to not crack under extreme temperature change. The borosilicate glass is the thickest glass ROOR uses, and apparently, it takes 40% more material to make the 7mm thickness. You can knock this one off the table without a worry (Just don't get too ambitious)!

The ROOR bong comes with a removable downstem poking from the piece at a 45-degree angle. The clear glass also features ice dimples for those who like cool, smooth smoke. 

The ROOR bong is not just curated in the best manner but also features an elegant design. The LOGO is flaunted in the lime green colour, pasted across the neck of the piece. Moreover, the sleek neck, dimples, and beaker base complete the overall look! The elegance is something I was genuinely awestruck by!

Now that the design concept has been discussed in detail, let's take a look at the performance.

The downstem placement is accurate and of perfect length so that the bowl sit in a comfortable position to light while inhaling. On the other hand, the bowl is pretty spacious and can probably pack around 0.8. Of course, this means the ROOR bong can be used in a session with your circle of homies.

The bong delivers very smooth hits, nothing that needs you to inhale like a monster. The ice pinch is a magnificent addition and has always helped with the extra filtration as there are no percolators in the bong. The surprisingly cool smoke travels smoothly to the mouthpiece, whereas the dank herbs and flavours are accurately placed within the vapour.

Coming to the maintenance of the bong - the bong is easy to clean and maintain. There has never been a time when I had difficulty scrubbing the hard corners of the bong. However, that does not mean you let the bong water sit for aeons! Always remember to empty the bong, even if you mean to clean it after the hit wears down.

You can use bong cleaning brushes to reach the nook and crannies of the glass piece, ensuring you get to the downstem as most of the tar gets collected there. It's a simple and efficient way to ensure clean smoke next time!

Considering the design, durability, and performance of the ROOR bong, I would definitely recommend this to my fellow art-piece lovers! 

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ROOR Bongs - Where to find?


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I hope this article on ROOR bongs was informative and helpful. If you're looking for some more interesting reviews, keep following this space. We are delighted to bring the world of smoking accessories to your doorstep!