Storm Spirit Digital Herb Vaporizer


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Strong Build

The Spirit by Storm comes after their huge success with vape pens that revolutionized your vaping experience. This is another winner by the same company that gives you a power-packed performance and functionality. It is built from quality metal with a slightly curved design that is ergonomically sound and has a pleasurable weight. 

Easy to Operate

The Spirit Vaporizer is a no-nonsense, easy to use device that has a simple interface with not too many controls. The digital display screen on the side of the devices shows the battery life and temperature which ranges from 100°C-240°C / 212°F - 464°F. To switch it on, you can hold the power button for three seconds until the heating symbol appears in the display. The device also has an automatic shut-off power and the timer is displayed before shutting down. You can set it to 5 or 10 minutes.

Smooth Hits

The Storm Spirit Vaporizer is designed smartly to give you a cool and fresh vapour with every draw. The mouthpiece is made from ceramic zirconia which extracts the heat from the vapour when it passes through it, and therefore the vapour that you inhale is cool. The mouthpiece is equipped with a magnetic cap which holds it in place when not in use, and you can easily load it and toke it. 

Vape with Anything

The Storm Spirit Vaporizer works with dry herbs, concentrates, and even Resins. 

It has an easy to load mechanism with a spacious herb chamber that can be packed with your favourite herbs. 

For concentrate, the vaporizer comes with a set of concentrate pads that can be used with full-melt extracts such as crystals, crumbles and waxes. YOu can use a Resin Capsule to vape with solid extracts. 

Pocket-Sized & Efficient

The Spirit Vaporizer is meticulously designed to be extremely efficient; the oval heating chambers make it easy to pass the maximum airflow through the herbs, which leads to dank rips of dense vapours. The high-quality swappable Samsung 18650 battery allows up to an hour and a half of vaping time. You get all of this in a remarkably discreet unit that is only 11cm tall x 3.5cm wide x 2.2cm deep. Quite Impressive, isn't it?

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