Storm Sapphire Vaporizer - Dry Herb, Concentrates & Resins

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Strong Build

Designed for newbies and experienced vapers alike, this minimalistic vaporizer has a strong build that is a really attractive feature within the price range. It has a robust anodized aluminium outer shell that protects the ceramic oven and ceramic zirconia mouthpiece.

Easy to Operate

The Storm Sapphire Vaporizer is a no-nonsense vape with a one-button operation that makes it extremely easy to use. With its simple interface and no-frills control, it brings quality vapour and smooth hits in one. You can adjust the temperature settings between 180C and 220C, heating up in under a minute. The battery percentage is displayed when it powers on or off. 

Smooth Hits

The Storm Sapphire Vaporizer is designed smartly to give you a cool and fresh vapour with every draw. The mouthpiece is made from ceramic zirconia which extracts the heat from the vapour when it passes through it, and therefore the vapour that you inhale is cool. The mouthpiece is equipped with a magnetic cap which holds it in place when not in use, and you can easily load it and toke it. 

Vape with Anything

The Storm Sapphire Vaporizer works with dry herbs, concentrates, and even Resins. 

The Sapphire Vaporizer has an easy to load mechanism with a bevelled loading area that allows you to easily transfer the herbs into the bowl. The extended top-sides make it even easier to load the herbs from the grinder without spilling. 

For concentrate, the vaporizer comes with a set of concentrate pads that can be used with full-melt extracts such as crystals, crumbles and waxes.

Discreet & Battery Usage

The high-quality integrated battery allows up to 80 minutes of vaping time. The battery can be charged by most USB power-banks, which makes it great for travelling. The battery when fully charged  heats up in 30 seconds, but can take more time when functioning on a higher temperature, but it is always within a minute. The Sapphire is easy to carry around, with its petite size and all-black design that easily blends anywhere.


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