Tins / Tubs

Keeping your privacy and your joints in some discreet & cool containers that are re-sealable and water & air-tight.

An excellent companion for those dry herb enthusiasts who are looking to keep their precious flowers fresh and portable. These metal stash tin containers fit easily in pockets, purses, and are a convenient size for home or travel.

They have a unique, easy push-button vacuum seal system that keeps the goods dry and fresh for longer & can be used for herbs, medications, vitamins, cosmetics, coins, and other household items. 

We, here at Olivastu have the best tobacco tin boxes right here to keep all your smoking essentials stay fresh and safe for a long time.

These metal tin storage boxes are a great way to protect your king-size papers and rolling tips. They are made from durable metal which prevents your papers from getting crushed & acts as a nice pocket-sized companion. 

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