Keep them fresh!

Looking for the safest way to store all your herbs and weed? Now that's how you make your weed last longer. Get good materials every time with the most suitable containers right here! 

Baggies are robust storage bags with humidity control, are smell-proof, and keep your herbs stay fresh and safe for a long time! The airtight seal locks in all the smells and protects them from any harmful materials. 

Now, taking your favorite herb with you on that solo trip will no longer be an issue. Just add, seal and take it on the go!

The airtight packaging keeps all the moisture away, preserving its freshness, and ensuring an odor-free joint/herb every time.

Travel safe with these baggies that are easy to carry, and extremely lightweight. Keep them in your pocket and go to any place you wish!

Get yours now at Olivastu!

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