Small Trays

Save some space with these small rolling trays that keep all your papers in one place.

The Raw small rolling tray is for those smoking lovers who like to keep their smoking accessories together. This tray is smooth to touch; just one stroke and it'll be wiped off easily. 

These RAW rolling trays serve their purpose perfectly. They help in keeping your desk, floor, house clean and contain all your residue inside it so that it becomes easy for you to clean; just throw all the residue and it looks clean as new. With rounded corners, you can simply keep everything in one spot; so there's no mess & no fuss.

So, grab your favorite pair of rolling papers and roll an amazing joint & start making some smokes. 

It's easy to take on the go; is extremely lightweight and convenient, making it your partner in crime during every trip, gathering, outdoor smoking session, and much more. 

Made up of excellent materials, it is curated to make every other rolling tray envious of its impeccable beauty. 

This small rolling tray is all you need.

Enjoy it! Share it around!

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