True vaping aficionados, XVAPE is here with a comprehensive line of modern vaporizers that offer the perfect mix of style, usability, and complete flavour. Right from their all-new Fog Pro with 100% convection technology, to the bestsellers like the Aria, Avant, and Vista Mini 2, XVAPE’s vaporizers are designed to offer maximum bang for the buck, and how!

All of XVAPE’s devices house some of the most coveted features a vaporizer can offer. For example, the new Fog Pro comes with a sleek, black anodised aluminium body and a jewel-grade Zirconia mouthpiece for the most affluent feel when getting your high. Its modern convection chamber offers swift heat-up times and prevents any sort of direct contact between the dry herbs and the heat source. Hence, what you get is a delightful flavour and a vaping experience one cannot miss. This is the same standard carried by various other XVAPE devices as well. 

If you’d rather like a bubbler vaporizer, XVAPE has you covered there too. Try out the Vista Mini 2, a compact yet robust bubbler vape with four heat settings, LED indicators, detachable glass bubbler, short-circuit protection, and more! XVAPE’s bubbler vaporizers sit perfectly on your coffee table, desk, or anywhere you’d like. They’re perfect for oils or concentrates, and even feature haptic feedback and wireless charging for seamless use.

You can explore the full list of XVAPE devices, including the XVAPE Avant, Aria, Chong Aria Kit, Cricket+, etc. on Olivastu. Shop with us to get a next-day delivery and OliPoints with every order.

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