CBD is rich with properties that help you with mental illness and chronic pain. Wisp is one such brand that has incorporated the goodness of CBD in its wide range of products. These products are majorly oral drops, vape cartridges, raw products, hemp products and even merchandise.

Wisp's CBD oral drop needs to be consumed in the prescribed dosage for better results. You can find them in delicious flavour to make it more interesting. Another common range of CBD infused products is age rewind cream, bath bombs, balms, beard oil, face oil, eye cream, massage oil, moisturizers, muscle cream and many more. Each one of them provides the goodness of CBD to the body.

CBD vape cartridges are one of the most used products among smokers. These come in various flavours and have CBD infused in them too. You can also get your hands on broad-spectrum and CBD isolates.

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