Discrete, portable, and reliable - the three words that define Vapium’s modern vaporizers and why you should definitely get one. Vapium’s vaporizers offer a more premium vaping experience, thanks to their medical-grade build, cutting-edge design, and innovative features. Here are the two choices you can pick from - Vapium Lite and Summit +. 

Vapium’s prowess over vaping tech is evident in its products. For example, the Vapium Lite is a dry herb vaporizer that offers the ideal blend of portability and performance. It’s discreet and features a clean air path and conduction ceramic heating for a completely flavourful experience. Plus, the device comes with USB-C recharging, LED-indicating temperature adjustments, rapid heating (approx. 45 seconds to reach your selected temperature), ceramic heating for a cleaner taste, and a stir tool to stir, mix, and pack your herb. All of this, at quite the modest price for maximum affordability.

On the other hand, the Vapium Summit + is the world’s first IP54-rated (splashproof) vaporizer, designed to accompany you anywhere, from your couch to the backcountry. The device houses space/medical grade tech, innovative features, and high-quality engineering to get you the most out of your herb. Plus, it’s specially designed for maximum utility and on-the-go use!

If you’re ready to purchase your brand-new Vapium vape, visit Olivastu and shop from our complete line of Vapium products. Get OliPoints, free delivery, and next-day delivery with every order.

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