Tired of vaporizers that simply can’t provide an experience tailored to your taste? Then it’s time to switch to Vapir’s line of supreme vaporizers, built to suit your personal style and vaping needs. Their extensive line of products, such as the Vapir PRIMA, VapirRise 2.0 Ultimate, and the NO2.V2, all offer a soothing high with pure flavour. Whether you like to savour herbs on your own, share them with your smoking buddies, or prefer a portable extreme vaporizer for a fulfilling flavour and an unhindered blaze, Vapir’s devices have you covered.

What’s more, all Vapir products come with top-of-the-line features for the most premium vaping experience. For starters. The PRIMA houses a superior stainless steel vapour path and heating element, delivering wholesome steam of flavour every time. The vapour path also facilitates the ability to vape the driest herbs, if that’s what you like. Moreover, the PRIMA also comes with a portable design and rechargeable and removable battery, meaning you can vape anywhere, at any time!

Vapir’s highest standards are also reflected in their other products, like the VapirRise2.0 Ultimate, an affordable yet powerful vaporizer with touch controls, accurate temperature settings, and a stainless steel vapour path ideal for essential oils, dry herbs, and waxy oils as well. The NO2.V2 also follows the same benchmarks, offering a clean tasting flavour for loose-leaf herbs over extended durations. What’s more, the device is ready-to-use and instantly saves your customized temperature settings once you switch it off! 

So, why wait? If you’re looking for the ideal vaporizer, simply head over to Olivastu and get your Vapir vaporizer. We host the complete line of Vapir devices, from their NO2.V2 and PRIMA to AIR2 BATTERY and the Vapir Pen. Shop now to get free delivery. 

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