ULTD is a popular brand for disposable vape pens and E-liquids in the UK. Keeping every kind of smoker in mind, these disposable pens and e-liquids go hand in hand. ULTD liquids are compatible with almost every kind of vape device to offer great flavour and thick cloud.

If you are a beginner and do not wish to invest a lot in rechargeable vape pens, you can check out ULTD's disposable pens. These pens are loaded with delectable ULTD nic salts to accentuate your experience further. These disposables come in various colours and flavours so pick up as many you want. Available flavours include Getsome Grape, Raspberry Twist, Menthol Blast, Total Tobacco, Lemberry Brew and many more.

Now that we have talked a lot about disposables, it's time to tell about the rich flavours of ULTD nic salts. All of them are formulated to offer you the best experience. Ranging from 10ml and 50ml, you can pick your favourite flavours in your preferred size. Available flavours that will give you a great hit includes Slushberry, Pomberry Plunge, Raspberry Twist, Apple Blow, Citrus Seven and many more.

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