The Storz and Bickel Volcano line of vaporizers is the pioneer of vaping devices, built with time-tested quality for top-tier vapour production. Similar to all S&B vaporizers, the Storz and Bickel mighty portable Volcano Classic features a German, hand-assembled build, with meticulous quality controls. The pure electromechanical design, paired with premium quality materials, offer excellent robustness. 

While the Volcano Classic is the veteran, the Volcano Hybrid is its reinvention, with modern-day features for more exciting vaping sessions. The Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid comes with app control via the S&B Android App, touch control panels within a prominent display, a quick heating time between one to two minutes, and two inhalation choices: via the Valve Balloon (the usual), or the Tube Kit.  

At Olivastu, you can shop the Storz Bickel Volcano Hybrid, Volcano Vaporizor Gold Edition, and Volcano Classic vaporizers, etc. Plus, you can also purchase numerous Storz and Bickel  Volcano accessories like the Tube Set, Tube Kit, and more. Shop with us to get next-day delivery and OliPoints with every order!

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