Who said quality vape sessions meant choosing between bulky vaporizers and portable vapes with less power? The Storz and Bickel Mighty vaporizer is here to smoke these notions into oblivion. This nifty, battery-powered vaporizer houses a patented combination of additional condition and fully hot air convection heating. What you get is a smooth and fulfilling hit from the first draw itself, along with a potent flavour that allows the herb to do what it should. 

The Storz Bickel Mighty also comprises an integrated 1.4 cm filling chamber. Using the additional Drip Pad, you can use the chamber for liquids and herbs, instead of concentrates. The Cooling Unit comes with a flippable mouthpiece, allowing you to experience the perfect flavour and a pleasant vapour. What’s more, this vaporizer comes with a bright LED display and temperature setting buttons to help you smoke at your optimal number. 

Looking to buy Storz and Bickel Mighty vaporizers? Simply visit Olivastu and get yours to unlock exclusive OliPoints. We offer free delivery and deliver all products in discreet packaging. Shop now!

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