Niiceone brings you a range of modern-day vapes that scream superior quality, hi-tech, and a must-have vaping experience. Featuring cutting-edge tech, Niiceone portable vaporizers offer several benefits, including dynamic heating for efficient vaporization, a long-lasting 2,680 mAh battery for continuous vaping sessions, and intelligent temperature control for a customized vaping experience. 

Moreover, the Niiceone portable vaporizer comes with a medical-grade dual oven. No plastic or metal parts come in contact with your herb, and hence, no flavour contamination occurs. What you get, is a smooth, full-on blaze without any hindrances whatsoever. You can even choose between a raised and flat mouthpiece, depending on your preference. Thanks to the dual oven, both concentrates or dry herbs are handled well and there’s no intrusion when using either in your vape. Grab your Niiceone vaporizer at Olivastu today, and get free delivery, next-day delivery, OliPoints, and other exclusive benefits.

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