Nasty Fix disposable vape pen is designed by Nasty Juice. It contains Nasty Juice e-liquid which has 20mg of salt-based nicotine. This vape pen comes in 9 amazing flavours. 

Each flavour is unique and flavourful. You will surely enjoy your vaping experience with Nasty Fix if you are a beginner. The flavours available are ASAP Grape, Slow Blow, Cushman Blackcurrant, Double Apple, Vanilla Tobacco, Pure Tobacco and Menthol that will give you the best hit.

Their other product, nasty salt, is another best selling category. It is perfect for those who want to quit smoking. Nasty salts curb the intense craving for smoking that will help you eventually quit.

Check out our range of Nasty Fix flavour at Browse through our website for more Nasty Juice products.

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