Vape E-liquids are a great way to add flavour to your smoking sesh. Unlike doobie, it is very easy to refill your vape pen and comes in different flavours. KIK produces one of the best shortfills that will enhance your smoking experience.

KIK vape liquid is compatible with almost every vape pens so choose your flavour as per your mood. There are flavours like cheesecake, docs blend, lemon pie, menthol sensation, peach twist, sticky toffee pudding, summer sorbet, watermelon & mango, raspberry ripple, and apple freeze. Look for what flavour works for you best and then refill it in your existing vape pen.

KIK produces a lot of smoking accessories. One of the best is the KIK vape pen as it works great with their range of e-liquids. Browse through our website to find more amazing KIK products.

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