Fenix brings you cutting-edge vaporizers with the latest tech for dry herbs, wax, and oil, offering the perfect bang for your buck. Their complete line of vaporizers, including the Fenix Mini, Pro, and 2.0, features the most premium quality, elegant design, and super-intelligent technology for a seamless vaping experience. 

The revolutionary Vapor Technology uses convection heating which provides equal vapor extraction, be it from oil, wax, or herbs. Each Fenix vaporizer houses a specially designed chamber with hundreds of tiny holes, which allowed hot air to be sucked in. The result? A consistent, tasty flavour that requires minimal stirring. What’s more, Fenix Mini and the other vaporizers also feature a built-in Smart Puff-Identify Technology that offers instant tasty vapor, along with two modes (Enhanced and Soft) for a vaping experience suited to your need.

Why wait then? Check out the Fenix vaporizers at Olivastu, and place your order to unlock OliPoints. 

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