The DynaVap replacement cap is designed to be used with all DynaVap devices, keeping you away from unauthentic caps. Built with medical grade stainless steel, the cap ‘clicks’ after your DynaVap has heated to the right temperature. All you have to do is spark your lighter on the cap, and the click will give you the green signal to start vaping.

Moreover, the cap’s tip comes with a multitasking ‘digger-outer’, which you can use to locate DynaVap's airport in no time. The DynaVap cap replacement is compatible with various DynaVap condensers, like stainless steel, XL titanium, or standard titanium ones, and products like the 2021 “M”, VonG, OMNI, and HydraVonG condensers. Head over to Olivastu to shop for original DynaVap replacement parts and get next-day delivery, free shipping, and other exclusive benefits.

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