Cali Greens offers a diverse range of premium-quality CBD products that are sustainably sourced and based around everyday use. The aim of the brand is to offer something to everyone and add value to life by supporting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Cali Greens offers a fantastic vape experience by fusing natural terpenes with complementary flavours. It offers a blend of 70% VG ( Vegetable Glycerine ) and 30% Mixed PG ( Propylene Glycol ) and high-quality food flavourings. Ideal for sub-ohm vaping! The flavours offered by Cali Green are inspired by real cannabis strains, and add a little extra something to your vaping experience. 

Cali Greens have a diverse range of CBD products. They manufacture CBD infused oils, cream, drops and E-liquids and are of great quality. Cali Greens have 100% genuine CBD and are perfect for treating health problems. It is great for helping you calm your mind in the middle of a stressful day.

They also stock Disposable CBD Vape Pens, perfect for anyone looking to start vaping or cut back on it. 

Cali Greens also have a range of CBD topicals like body butter, lotion, balms, muscle rubs, etc. 

Try out their range of CBD products at and get them delivered with discreet packaging. Order now to avail same-day delivery and free shipping !

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