Rick & Morty Metal Herb Grinder 55mm

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Fun Design

The only thing better than a herb grinder is a grinder with a Rock & Morty Design. Rick & Morty Metal Herb Grinder fashions a set of Rick & Morty creatives that is bound to give you a few good laughs when you're high and makes the shredded process a fun one!

Strong Build

The Rick & Morty Herb Grinder is precisely designed with heavy-duty zinc alloy for extra toughness, durability & quality. The aluminium body makes it perfect from clumsy tokers who are looking for accessories that are not sensitive to bumps and crashes. A perfect lifetime companion!


The most efficient and effortless way of shredding your herbs, the Herb Grinder features sharp Diamond Aluminum Teeth that slices through your most stubborn and sticky nugs smoothly. You don't have to struggle with this one. Moreover, the grinder also features powerful magnets for fitting closure, freshness, and scent-control. It also includes a textured finish for a more comfortable grip. 

Multiple Choice

If you're looking for a more portable shredder, get the 3-part version of the Rick & Morty Herb Grinder. If you want a much more premium version, you can choose the 4-part grinder in the option above. The grinders also include a pollen catcher, allowing you to collect the potent kief and add it to the joint or bowl. It also includes a scraper for easy access to your shredded herbs. 

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