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The RAW Tray Simple Set covers all your smoking needs without burning a hole in the pocket. This pack includes a RAW Mix Tray(Mini), a 3-part metal herb grinder, 6 RAW Pre-rolled cones, 2 booklets of RAW Classic King Size Rolling Paper, 1 booklet of Organic Hemp RAW Kingsize Rolling Papers, 2 booklets of RAW Tips, and 2 pack of Carbon Activated Purize Filters. 

RAW Mix Tray Miny

RAW Mix Rolling Tray with its high-quality metal build lasts for a long time. It is resistant to bending and warping, making sure you can use them roughly. It has rounded and high walls to make sure no tobacco or herb gets stuck in the corner or spills away while stacking a rollie. 

Metal Herb Grinder

The three-part metal herb grinder is robust and sturdy equipment that is needed with every smoking accessory. Whether it is bongs or a doob, a well ground herb is always needed. The herb grinder helps you to break and store the buds, all in one place. The transparent top lid allows you to view the grinding process while the magnet holds the lids in place. 

RAW Organic Pre-rolled cones

RAW Organic Pre-rolled cones guarantee a RAWthentic experience with their naturally unbleached paper which are free from harmful additives like chalk and dyes. Widely known for their superior quality, the pre-rolled cones are extremely thin and burn very clean. Moreover, they are easy to use as all you have to do is fill it, twist the end, and light it. 

RAW Classic King Size Rolling Papers

RAW Classic King Size Rolling Papers are made from the naturally unrefined plant fibres and are finished with a natural tree sap gum line. 

The size is perfect for those who want to indulge in a long, uninterrupted smoking session. Moreover, the proprietary criss-cross imprint of RAW delivers a smooth, even burn.

Organic Hemp RAW King Size Rolling Papers

These Rolling Papers are curated from unrefined, pure hemp free from added chalk or dyes. With the help of a special pure water method, a very thin and light paper is produced that gives a surreal and even burn. 

Raw Tips

RAW tips are known to maintain their shape and sturdiness even when wet, giving you clear, filtered smoke. Made from naturally unrefined long fibres, they burn clean. They are also curated with carefulness so that they roll into the perfect shape easily and smoothly. 

Carbon Activated Purize Filters

Looking for a clean smoke? Purize Carbon Roach Filter absorbs harmful substances in the smoke whilst also reducing pollutant intake significantly. As a result, the smoke you inhale is clean, smooth, and pure. Made from environmentally friendly raw material, the Purize filter takes your toking expectation to the next level. It produces a better smoke as the highly effective activated charcoal in the filters is organic in origin.

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