RAW Glass Filter Tip Slim 6mm + Raw Classic King Size Rolling Paper

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The RAW x RooR Slim Glass Filter Tip is one of the slimmest glass roaches available on the market. Hand-blown from German Schott glass, each tip is manufactured to the highest quality.

With a diameter of only 5mm and measuring in at approximately 1.25" in length, these particular tips feature 'dimples' just below the mouthpiece that stop any unwanted materials from entering your mouth. RAW Red label and RooR Black label branding adorn the side to complete the look. Also comes included with a re-usable plastic pot to store your tip in when not in use.

Available in either flat or rounded tip.

The RAW rolling papers are unbleached, free of chemicals, and made from unrefined paper. The RAW rolling paper is also marked with a criss-cross design that helps to roll a precise cigarette with ease. Raw Rolling paper uses hemp glue that gives a perfect finishing touch to the cigarette.

The hybrid blend, along with the unbleached fibre gives a light brown translucent glaze that enhances your smoking session. Organic And Safe: RAW Organic King Size Slim Rolling Papers are chlorine free, unbleached and made from authentic hemp paper which makes them extremely safe to use. It guarantees to give you the best smoking experience.

Enhanced Experience: Each pack comes furnished with a rolling paper and filter which makes it the ideal smokers pack. Raw Rolling Paper is marked criss-cross that helps to roll the ideal cigarette. The hemp glue on the rolling paper can be used by running the lighter along the length of the paper.

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