RAW Organic Hemp 1¼ Cones - 32 Pack

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Quality Paper

There is no doubt when it comes to RAW cones as they are made from the highest quality paper. The Organic Hemp Cones are no less than that. Dubbed as the World's best organic hemp cones, it is masterfully created from unrefined, pure hemp without any added chalk or dyes. 

Built-in filter

You don't just get a chemical-free rolling paper but also a filter. Rolled into a W shape, it allows you to take a big draw while it filters out the materials that may end up in your smoke and ruin the experience. 


The Organic Hemp Cones are hand-rolled to give it the perfect shape and quality. Even the filters are hand-rolled into the W shape to give you the most authentic experience ever!


The RAW Organic Hemp Cones are made using a special pure water method that maintains the natural qualities of the hemp. The resultant is a lightly tanned, translucent paper, rolled into a perfect cone. 

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