RAW Organic Hemp Rolls- 5m

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Quality Rolls

RAW Organic Hemp Rolls are made from the same rolling paper material that you've loved. The Hemp Rolls are made from unbleached Natural and Organic Hemp Paper and have a natural light brown colour due to the hybrid blend and unbleached fibres. You get a nice golden brown, translucent smoking paper.


Rolls are preferred by smokers as it gives you the freedom of size. Have a group of friends coming over, roll a big one. In a hurry? Roll a small one. These 16 feet long rolls come at your service in any way you want them to.

Smooth Burn

The Organic paper is designed to burn slowly, allowing you to experience each drag and the true flavours of your herbs. The entire roll is watermarked with Criss-cross which prevents runs and gives you a more even burning paper.


The RAW Flap is equipped with a magnetic closure which makes it easy to tear the desired length. The magnet flap holds down the paper to keep it ready for pulling and tearing on the cutting edge.

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