RAW Classic Kingsize Slim Rolls- 5m

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Quality Rolls

The RAW Classic King Size Slim Rolls are made from the highest quality paper, free from additives, dyes, and chlorine. This means you get the purest hit, unlike anything you have ever experienced. The paper flaunts a light brown colour due to the hybrid blend and unbleached fibres and is so thin, you can practically see through it.


With RAW Classic Rolls, you're not limited by the size. You can simply decide the size and then roll it. Have a group of friends coming over? Roll a big one. In a hurry? Roll a small one. It doesn't get more convenient than this. This 5m uncut paper is about 44mm wide and gives you an out of world smoking session.

Smooth Burn

The Kingsize Slim Paper is designed to give you a slow burn, allowing you to leisure indulge in a smoking session. It is also easier to pass it around. The entire roll is watermarked, which makes the paper burn more evenly and accurately.


The RAW Flap is equipped with a magnetic closure which makes it easy to tear the desired length. The magnet flap holds down the paper to keep it ready for pulling and tearing on the cutting edge.

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